South Buffalo Catholic schools being consolidated

Jan 18, 2013

Two catholic elementary schools in south Buffalo will be closing and merging into one large campus next school year.

Trinity Catholic Academy and Ambrose Catholic Academy will be merged with the Notre Dame Academy.  Parents and faculty were informed at a meeting last night. 

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Sister Joan Sherry, the chair of the South Buffalo School board of Education, says while it was difficult for families to learn of the closings, Notre Dame will become the biggest catholic elementary school in the Diocese.

"While it was probably a natural progression that we do move to one school in order to strengthen what we have, it still was hard for the parents [and] the teachers and it's going to be hard for the students, too," Sister Sherry told WBFO news.

The decision to close the schools  was based declining  enrollment.  Ambrose and Trinity had well below 200 students each.

Students will begin attending Notre Dame on Abbott Road in September.