South Buffalo plans gaining momentum

Dec 5, 2013

Plans for South Buffalo redevelopment are moving from paper to reality.
Credit Mike Desmond/wbfo news

For years, planners have been slogging through the process of planning redevelopment of 2,000 acres in South Buffalo, the so-called Brownfield Opportunity Area. Now, it's suddenly going beyond planning.

Governor Andrew Cuomo recently announced planned construction of two vast high-tech manufacturing plants on the old Republic Steel site. That's in the heart of the Riverbend Project and the much larger BOA.

Planners had eventually expected some kind of green, job-creating complex on the site, surrounded by retail and housing. Some work has been going on, like Buffalo Niagara Riverkeeper's shore restoration on the Buffalo River.

Planners were in the Buffalo Irish Center Wednesday evening reporting what's going on and what the high-tech site might create.

"Extraordinary. I think it's an extraordinary opportunity to see this kind of development," said Architectural Resources Principal Peter Murad.

"In the neighborhood of, I think, $1.6 billion is what we're talking about here on the Riverbend site. I think it's a tremendous economic development project for South Buffalo."

Details should become more clear as the property transfer takes place, allowing the two companies to discuss their plans.

Planning is now speeding up for housing and retail in the area. 

Another development may include a long-discussed nine-hole golf course along South Park on the Marilla Street landfill.