5:43 pm
Fri July 29, 2011

State-of-the-art motorcoaches for Buffalo tours

Buffalo, NY – Two new, state of the art motorcoaches will bring tourists to the Darwin Martin House in Buffalo. AAA of Western and Central New York joined Visit Buffalo Niagara at the Martin House complex on Jewett Parkway Friday.

The motorcoaches will offer an affordable, convenient and comfortable way to travel to many destinations and events in Western New York.

Visit Buffalo Niagara president and CEO Dottie Gallagher-Cohen expressed her appreciation to AAA for investing in regional tourism.

"We are so excited about today because what this really represents is sort of a shift in the tide of people really seeing and taking advantage of the opportunities that tourism provides. Tourism is a growth industry in Western New York, in Erie and Niagara County," said Gallagher-Cohen.

Tom Chestnut, President and CEO of AAA Western and Central New York cultural organizations, expressed his excitement for the new motorcoaches.

"So we have a lot to be excited about at AAA, two new motorcoaches and a renewed commitment to our communities through our travel and tourism efforts. We know that the AAA brand has always meant safety," said Chestnut.

AAA members, who traveled to the Darwin Martin House Friday on the new motorcoaches, then took a tour the city Friday afternoon as a part of the National Buffalo Garden Festival.

You can click the above audio to listen to the news conference about the new motorcoaches.