Student Journals: Canisius’s Jesuit education

Aug 2, 2017

A Canisius High School student reflected on his time spent at the all-boys, Jesuit school as part of our Student Journals project. WBFO's senior reporter Eileen Buckley says he's now ready to head to college. 

WBFO's Student Journals project.
Credit WBFO News photo by Jonny Moran

“I’m Christopher Augustin for WBFO. You know not trying to feel pompous or anything, you now I definitely feel prepared because of all the things I've studied at Canisius,” Augustin said.

Christopher Augustin graduated from Canisius High School in Buffalo this past May.
Credit Photo provided by Canisius High School

Christopher Augustin first attended NativtyMiguel School in Buffalo at the St. Augustine Campus for Boys – an inner-city, catholic middle school. It prepared him for his journey to Canisius. 

The high school hosts a population of young men from diverse backgrounds throughout the Western New York community. Augustin talked candidly about being an African American. According to the school's break down, of the more than 800-students who attend, approximately 750 are white with 16-percent are students of color.

“I came into Canisius knowing that was the ratio. I didn’t have any issues, but you know it something noticeable and it’s something that takes time to adjust. But what I think what set me up and got me use to it was attending the HAP program (Higher Achievement program) – it’s a great program. If you’re in 7th grade going into 8th grade – I definitely recommend it if you are interested in going to Canisius because it is a great opportunity to meet other kids that will potentially be in your class,”Augustin remarked.   

Christopher Augustin will be attending Canisius College this fall.
Credit Photo provided by Canisius High School

Augustin has embraced the Jesuit education. The school boasts a 98-percent graduation rate.  Augustin credits the school for shaping him as a young man.

“To be a man for other and offering my youth services and my time to help other people out – so I can definitely bring that to Canisius,” Augustin explained.

Augustin has selected another Jesuit school for his undergraduate work.  He will be starting at Canisius College for the fall semester.