In support of Ukraine, punk bands perform against Putin

Nov 15, 2017

From cooks to bartenders to local musical acts, dozens of volunteers have teamed to present Saturday's Punks Against Putin. Proceeds from the day-long music festival at the Ukrainian-American Civic Center will cover the cost of shipping medical supplies to Ukraine.

Credit Punks Against Putin Facebook page

"There have been over 10,000 military and civilian deaths in that part of Ukraine over the last three years, and many more wounded and in need of assistance," said Yuri Hreshchyshyn, financial secretary at the UACC.  The son of Ukrainian immigrants, Hreshchyshyn has been appointed several times to help monitor elections in Ukraine.

"The spirit has actually been strengthened. The Ukrainian nation has come together, has pulled together."

That spirit appears to be fueling Punks Against Putin. The first act takes the stage at three, with live music running through midnight.

"Here at the Ukrainian-American Civic Center, we're not raising money for brass and lead. We're raising money for bandages and sutures to help the folks because that's what they need," said Paul Pasternak, vice president at the UACC. He boasts of the hospitality of the Ukrainian people, an attitude that was in abundance during a recent Friday night at the UACC.

Built over a century ago, the UACC was established at 125 Military Road in Black Rock where a large population of German and Ukrainian immigrants lived. As the neighborhood changed, membership slipped. That number has bounced back recently to over 350.

"Come visit us, " encourages Yuri Hreshchyshyn.  "We'd love to sign you up if you have interest at all, whether it's in the culture and the people."

Membership applications will be accepted during Saturday's Punks Against Putin.

The lineup of bands:

  • 3pm Mr Conrad's Rockin Piano
  • 4 pm Swill
  • 5pm Station Wagon
  • 6pm MoJo Stone
  • 7pm Brass Pro and the Water Front Revivalist
  • 8pm Blues Thugs
  • 9pm The Gallowalkers
  • 10 pm BoBo
  • 11 pm Bad Ronald

"One price, all day. So, if you want to come in, just make sure you have your bracelet on so you can come back, if you want to split for awhile," Paul Pasternak said. 

"But, one price, 10 bucks all day for eight hours of really good music."