Through a citizens eye: Visions of Greater Buffalo

Nov 8, 2012

CEPA Gallery continues its mission to present photo-related art to the community.  CEPA will show off the works of 50 individuals at its Market Arcade studios in downtown Buffalo.  CEPA's Visions of Greater Buffalo event is Thursday evening. 

WBFO's Eileen Buckley met with CEPA's executive director and the chairwoman of the event. 

The concept of Visions of Greater Buffalo is simple. 

"We have 50 visionaries from all over Western New York who were  invited to take a disposable camera and photo their vision of Western New York," said Nancy Parsi, a well-known professional photographer who is chairing Visions of Greater Buffalo. 

Parsi stood with  gallery executive director Sean Donaher inside one of the CEPA studios for a sneak preview of the photographic artwork.

"It's really very easy to come up with 50 or 100 people. That's never really been a problem," said Donaher.  "And all of the visionaries have a wonderful time doing it, and we have had visionaries this year -- we  won't name names --  who have said it was the hardest thing they have done.

"They are not artists so these people feel the pressure is on that it will be  on the Website for CEPA -- that it's going to be on the wall that we hope people will come and bid on these. It is a silent auction," said Parsi.

Now these local visionaries  used their creativity -- looking at various landscapes -- or landmarks for their snap shots.  But in our digital  world, using a disposal camera and good old-fashioned film did not allow for the participants to see their photos.  CEPA selects the shots that are on display.

"The reason why we give them the disposal camera is it puts everybody on the same playing field," said Donaher.

"The same two dollar camera," said Parsi. 

Local television personality Linda Peligrino's photo on Hoyt Lake at Delaware Park
Credit WBFO News photos by Eileen Buckley

This is the fifth time CEPA has sponsored this event.  This year's group of photo takers is diverse including some local politicians.  State Assemblyman Sean Ryan and Erie County Executive Mark Poloncarz participated. 

One of the photos shows some small, wooden boats docked along a peaceful lake.   It looks like it is in a rural setting, but local television personality Linda Pellegrino snapped the shot on Hoyt Lake at Delaware Park in Buffalo.  Parsi said there has already been a huge response to this photograph. 

Buffalo Common Council member Michael LoCurto's photo
Credit WBFO News photos by Eileen Buckley

"I think it will be one of the top sellers," said Parsi.  You know what is really beautiful too is that sometimes people are shooting those happy accidents."

Buffalo Common Council member Michael LoCurto showed off his artistic sense snapping a stunning  photo inside the Council  Chambers at City Hall where he works of the of the sunburst window on the ceiling.

Visions of Greater Buffalo runs for 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. Thursday evening at the Market Arcade Atrium.  General admission is $15.00.