Tripathi taking UB's message around the world

Sep 7, 2012

University at Buffalo president Satish K. Tripathi is on an ambitious travel agenda around the globe to promote UB.

Tripathi meet with about 350 alum and over 200 other faculty staff and guest Thursday night at the Hotel Lafayette.   He is at the half-way mark of a 20-month, 20-city tour.   He has traveled as far away to Malayisa and back in the U.S. to San Franciso. 

Tripathi said UB has long international ties, well before he became president.

"UB actually has been very visible around the world for a very long time.  I have nothing to do with it.  You know, in fact, that UB was well known in India when I was a student there," said Tripathi.  "UB is well known in China.  In that part of the world it's very well known.  As I tell people that in the first class of medical students in 18-46 there were two-Canadians out of 12 students."

Tripathi said in the near future those med students would be going to a brand-new building on the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus.