Truck lodged under bridge carrying hazardous materials but not leaking, Buffalo Fire officials say

May 10, 2018

A truck carrying hazardous materials became stuck beneath a rail bridge near the intersection of Clinton Street and Fillmore Avenue. Buffalo Fire crews say the contents are not leaking but they were facing the challenge of safely removing the vehicle and its dangerous contents.

The incident happened around 11:35 a.m. Thursday, according to Buffalo Fire Division Chief Michael Tuberdyke. 

A truck became lodged beneath the rail bridge near the intersection of Clinton Street and Fillmore Avenue in Buffalo shortly before noon Thursday. Buffalo Fire officials say the truck was carrying acids and corrosives but an inspection by a Hazmat team found the contents were not leaking. The driver was unhurt and cooperating with investigators.
Credit Michael Mroziak, WBFO

"It crushed a large part of the top of their rig. It is carrying some acids and some corrosives," Tuberydyke said. "We sent teams downrange to inspect the vehicle. There's no apparent leak of any of the contents inside."

The driver, who was not identified, was not injured. The company for which he was driving was also not identified, though Tuberdyke believed it is not local.

The challenge awaiting crews Thursday afternoon was safely removing the stuck rig and its contents from beneath the bridge.

"That's going to be a difficult challenge that won't be our responsibility," the division chief said. "This bridge, this area, will be shut down for approximately four hours."

Police were diverting traffic at the intersection of Clinton and Fillmore.   

The rail bridge's clearance is 11 feet, 11 inches.