Two suspects arrested in Buffalo State robberies

Oct 25, 2018

Two unidentified suspects have been arrested by Buffalo State College police in connection with two recent dormitory robberies.

A robbery in which one of the suspects displayed a handgun took place in Tower 4 last week Thursday, while on Tuesday both suspects are believed to have involved in a strong-arm robbery in Porter Hall.

Police are also investigating another gunpoint robbery of a commuter student on Rees Street, near the campus.

In an email to the campus community, Buff State police said the student victims were involved in illegal drug-related activities.

"If not for this illegal drug-related activity by these students, the robberies would not have taken place," said Vice President for Student Affairs Timothy Gordon and University Police Chief Peter Carey in joint statement on the college's website. "Any students involved will be subject to criminal prosecution and swift campus administrative sanctions, including removal from the residence halls and referrals to the student judicial system. This behavior and activity will not be tolerated."

They said complex directors and residence hall assistants held mandatory floor and building meetings this week to review security procedures and safety practices with students.