UB student admits assault claim was false

Feb 9, 2017

A University at Buffalo student who claimed she was the victim of an attempted assault on UB's North Campus earlier this week has admitted to investigators she lied about the alleged incident.

In issuing her report, the student described the alleged suspects as two tall black males of medium build. The university said the reported incident took place outdoors in the vicinity of Core Road near the Ellicott Complex's Millard Fillmore Academic Center. Along with the attempted assault claim, UB said it was looking into possible attempted sexual abuse. A campus-wide alert was sent at 3:25 a.m on February 6.

University Police looked into the woman's claim, but were unable to find evidence to support it. In a statement issued Thursday, UB police chief Gerald Schoenle says the student has admitted the claim was false.

“This incident created an atmosphere of concern on campus, and we think it is important for everybody at UB to know that we have determined that the alleged crime never took place,” Schoenle said.

The case has been sent to the Erie County District Attorney's Office for review. The university's Office of Judicial Affairs and Student Advocacy will also review the student's actions for possible violations.