UB's Bill Greiner Continues Leadership Role

Buffalo, NY – As the University at Buffalo continues its search for a new leader, president William Greiner remains at the post. He's retiring, but promises to remain involved at UB for at least the next five years.

"I'm going home again. I told people long ago when I would retire, I would retire as a professor and not as a president," said Greiner, already looking like a professor sporting a collegiate look as he stood outside of Hayes Hall. Instead of a business suit, he wore a blue University pullover sweater.

Greiner announced his retirement last January promising to stay on board until a new president is named. He says he's not "surprised" the search committee is continuing its work into the Fall semester. Greiner says presidential searches take time.

"If they are going to do it right, it certainly takes time," Greiner said. "Our chairman Mr. Jacobs is seeing that this is done absolutely right. It will move along. It was my expectation last year that I would be here in the Fall, possibly late in the Fall. But I think by the new year there will be a new president at UB."

Greiner says with new leadership, everyone at UB needs to "take stock" in where the school is today. He says he believes it is a "Division 1-A University in all respects," but is still striving to be fully recognized nationally.

Greiner takes little credit for UB's success during his 13 years as president. He says with everyone's hard work, the University became an "overnight sensation."

"What it is today is not because of me, but what a whole bunch of us has done -- faculty and staff -- we did it together, the last 13 years, well the last 20 years. Be proud."

Greiner says he's not "walking away" from the University once he retires. He heads back to the UB Law School as a faculty member where first started his UB career back in 1967.

Greiner says he really hasn't thought too much about what life will be like without serving as president, except knowing he will have more time for his wife, children and grandchildren.