Unemployment rate continues downward trend

Apr 1, 2014

Unemployment in the Buffalo Niagara region fell to 7.6 percent in February.  The State Labor Department says that's down from 8.8 percent one year ago. 

Associate economist John Slenker says the February number continued a streak of 13 months of lower unemployment.  Slenker also says the region added 4,800 jobs in the past year. 

"Erie and Niagara Counties have been adding jobs in the private sector," Slenker said.  "We've been having losses in government, particularly in local schools.    Our schools are right-sizing because of declining enrollment.  We've had to cut back on the number of teachers because we don't have the same number of kids in schools."

Slenker said the latest jobs report is another indication of a growing economy in the Buffalo Niagara region.