Urban education expert to appear in Buffalo

Aug 26, 2015

The Western New York Charter School Alliance is hosting its first charter school conference for more than 400-charter schools Wednesday in Buffalo. The conference will feature urban education expert and author Dr. David Kirkland. He is a professor at New York's University's Steinhardt School of Culture. WBFO's Focus on Education Reporter Eileen Buckley reached Kirkland be phone ahead of his keynote address. 

"Many reforms that we have in education -- they don't get at the root -- many reforms we have in education are bandage reforms, they get at symptoms," said Kirkland. 

Dr. David Kirkland will appear at the Western New York Charter School Alliance's first charter school conference Wednesday in Buffalo.
Credit Photo from New York's University's Steinhardt School of Culture

Kirkland tells WBFO it is important in urban education to look root causes such teacher bias, inequality. Kirkland stated when addressed there are changes in the education system. He said there has been some success in New York City.

"Here in New York City we have schools that appreciate students -- that bring students lives -- and celebrate students lives in the classroom.  Students at these schools are more connected.  There's a school, it's called New Design Academy, they have a scratch academy. They bring in student interest around music, around culture, new media and these become important aspects of a classroom and curriculum. They become prerequisites to reading and writing skills," Kirkland said. 

The Western New York Charter School Conference is taking place at South Buffalo Charter School on South Ogden Street in Buffalo.  Kirkland's keynote speech is slated to begin at 8:45 a.m.  It will be followed by an 'invitation-only' workshop.