Urban Ephiphany: Sandra Guerreiro

Buffalo, NY – It's April - spring is in the air - and so is poetry! Throughout the month of April, communities are celebrating National Poetry Month.

About a hundred local poets will gather on April 27 for an Urban Epiphany. The marathon poetry event will feature the poets reciting their work. As a preview, each Sunday this month, WBFO will feature a few of them.

For some, writing poetry is a hobby, a kind of expression of talent and emotion. But for Sandra Guerreiro poetry is a serious ambition. The Portugal native is a Phd candidate in UB's Poetics Program.

You can hear Guerreiro talk about her work and recite one of her poems by clicking the "listen" icon above.

And you can hear her, and about a hundred other poets will read their work at Urban Epiphany on April 27. The event will be held from 3:00pm until 8:00pm at the Unitarian Universalist Church on Elmwood Avenue.

"ain't no sunshine when she's gone"

there is a cure for that you might find it elsewhere instead of inside you the mind is it's own place guilt is like fragments attached to your hands like conversations that sometimes cut make sure you never wash it or let it go

find out the last day your lips touched secure investment as a back to lean upon injury to consume until feet are released from pleasure a testimony of happy grief found in those eyes the ones that could not leave your forefront when altitude ruled

savage is better than sage for training is never scheduled and attempts have sweet crust in a natural cause for urban disease melancholy feeds on itself like cannibals do when they get together was it a feast you thought life would be? for even children can be happy when cruel

it matters when life is turned upside in instead of out when language was said to be monstrous when destiny was quoted as a bad joke preciousness was a mistake written down by a lazy clerk

drama is a color entropy could save somebody's day a kiss could release somebody's life for longing is errant even when serving suggestions are provided as death is sometimes i dream you just to be able to see you clearly for your allowance was thought to be line in time as a quest as a question precise as a needle dreadful as sweat cotton

somebody's voice is also someone's wrist a physical explanation for a sour word like cream when it turns into liquid an ocean when it burns

one step further and this back will crack inside it will be thought as a meteor seen on the other side of horizon that line that makes colors what they are colors shaved as ice

Sandra Guerreiro