Vice President Pence in Buffalo today

Oct 17, 2017

Vice President Mike Pence is in Buffalo Tuesday, where he is meeting with area business and community leaders to talk about the need for tax reform and attending a political fundraiser.

Pence will be joined by Clarence Republican Congressman Chris Collins at the events.

Vice President Mike Pence arrived in Buffalo on Air Force Two late Tuesday morning.
Credit Chris Caya/WBFO News

President Trump enjoyed considerable support throughout Western New York during his run to the White House last year. So while the Vice President is likely to receive a warm welcome from local supporters, he will also face partisan opposition. New York Senator Charles Schumer offered a verbal shot in advance of the visit.

He's visiting Buffalo, New York, a city I love in my home state," said Schumer. "Since Vice President Pence is traveling to Buffalo, I thought I'd share some numbers about how the elimination of state and local deduction affects Western New York."

According to Schumer, the average deduction for state and local taxes taken by regional residents is $12,000. He projects New York State residents will pay an extra $17.5 billion  in federal taxes if President Trump's tax overhaul plan is implemented.  

And it hurts homeowners," Schumer said. "Make no mistake about it. Get rid of the state and federal deduction, values of home prices will go down. That's why the realtors are so opposed to this elimination."

Schumer said that, right now, nearly one-third of all taxpayers in some Western New York congressional districts already claim that deduction. 

“Their constituents get clobbered as do just about all New Yorkers and so many in the rest of the country when you eliminate state and local deductibility and it affects the middle class and the upper class,” said Schumer.

Republicans have said the plan to eliminate the state and local deductions will be balanced by doubling the standard deduction. However, critics have said the benefit will be offset by a proposal to do away with personal exemptions. 

Gov. Andrew Cuomo released a statement in the form of a letter to Pence, criticizing federal tax and health plans that Cuomo said will hurt New Yorkers. Cuomo has scheduled an appearance at Women and Children's Hospital of Buffalo the same morning Pence will be in town