Village of Wilson survives dissolution vote

Aug 27, 2014

Village of Wilson voters rejected a dissolution plan Tuesday by a margin of 222 to 209.

The vote highlighted the state's tangled laws which govern the move to end a local government. Because the vote was "no" the issue can't be brought up for another vote for four years. If it had been "yes" Wilson could have accepted a state grant to study consolidation.

"I won because I'll retain my position for four more years or three more years," admitted Wilson Mayor Bernie Leiker

"But really, I was looking forward to the study to see what savings would actually occur in the village. And, now that the vote went down to 'no', we can't do that study."

While the voters supported keeping the village, supporters of the dissolution study aren't going away. Arthur Lawson says he will be watching carefully what the Village Board does and what the next budget will be.