Voters with disabilities get help exercising their rights

Nov 6, 2018

Free transportation to the polls is available, in Erie County, for voters with disabilities.


But time has run out to make a reservation. Independence Express Director Cathy Colicchia says calls were accepted until 4:30 p.m. Election Day. Colicchia says people with mobility issues can request a wheelchair-accessible van.


"We are able to go in and get them, bring them out if they use a wheelchair, if their house is accessible, or where they live is accessible. We cannot help anyone up or downstairs unfortunately." And Colicchia says, "we can take them until the polls close (at 9 p.m.). If they call me before 4:30 and say, 'I want to go at 7 O'clock.' I can send a van at 7 O'clock to get them," Colicchia said.    

Independence Express is the transportation branch of the Western New York Independent Living Center.