West Seneca receives state aid for flood damage

Sep 5, 2014

Nearly six months after a blizzard and flooding wreaked havoc in the Town of West Seneca, help is on the way from Albany.

Winter floods caused major damage in West Seneca.
Credit Photo By Ashley Hirtzel

West Seneca is getting $500,000 from Albany to help cover the cleanup costs from two floods last winter in the town's Lexington Green neighborhood caused by ice jams on the Buffalo Creek.

"Who knows what type of fall or winter we may be faced with?" said West Seneca Supervisor Sheila Meegan.

"So much of our resources have been used for the situation (floods) we were faced with in the beginning of the year."

Flood waters in January damaged dozens of homes, leaving debris and mud on streets and lawns throughout the area. Along with paying to restore the area, Meegan says the town is working with the Department of Environmental Conservation to prevent future flooding.  

"We're in there now in the creek using our own manpower, our own fuel and equipment. And any relief...to the budget is a welcomed one."

She says the preventative measures will help control the state's flood damage costs in the future.