Wilson's death prompts questions over Bills future

Mar 26, 2014

Speculation on the future of the Bills in Buffalo is on the rise following the death of team owner Ralph Wilson Jr. Jim Fink of Business First believes little will change for the franchise in the immediate future.

"It's going to take a couple years to work (Wilson's estate) to work it way through probate court," Fink told WBFO's Jim Ranney.

Fink believes the late owner wanted to do what he could to keep the Bills in Buffalo. He points out that Wilson was 93 years old when he signed the team's current lease with Erie County. That would not have been the act of a man who was trying to pave the way for a franchise move out of the area. 

More than the franchise's future, Fink thinks the team's past needs to be considered when writing the legacy of Ralph Wilson.

Wilson was "a very savvy businessman," Fink says. Wilson made a five-figure investment in 1959 to secure a Buffalo franchise in the American Football League. According to Fink, that investment, the Buffalo Bills, may now have a market value approaching a $1 billion.