Wright's futuristic filling station finally opens

Jun 27, 2014

Frank Lloyd Wright's "Filling Station" on display at the Buffalo Transportation/Pierce Arrow Museum nearly 90 years after Wright drew up the plans.
Credit Chris Caya / WBFO News

Hundreds of people turned out Friday for the long-awaited unveiling of Frank Lloyd Wright's filling station at the Buffalo Transportation/Pierce-Arrow Museum.

Founder James Sandoro says the station probably the most unique building Wright ever designed. The architect called it "an ornament to the pavement."

"The way he designed it in 1927, it was so futuristic to have tanks up in the air where the gravity feed would feed the gas to the cars as opposed to pumping it out of the ground. To put a fireplace underneath a thousand-gallon gas tank with a reception room, or we call it the living room. It's just so unbelievably cool" Sandoro said. 

The non-working indoor filling station was originally planned for the corner of Michigan and Cherry in Buffalo, not far from the Transportation Museum. Wright's 1929 Cord L-29 Cabriolet is parked at the station.

Sandoro says Frank Lloyd Wright's commission was so expensive, oil companies rejected the architect's plans.