Zellner leads delegation of local Democrats to New Hampshire

Feb 7, 2016

Buffalo area supporters of Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton spent the weekend campaigning for her in New Hampshire in advance of Tuesday's primary there.

Jeremy Zellner

The local contingent was led by Erie County Democratic Party chairman Jeremy Zellner, an ardent supporter of the Clinton campaign. Zellner and the others walked through neighborhoods, knocking on doors, getting the message out. He said the voters he talked with shared some familiar concerns.

"The issues here are the same as they are in Erie County. People want more jobs and better access to health care," Zellner said.

Still, polls show Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders with a big lead over Clinton in New Hampshire. But Zellner said the most recent surveys show the gap is closing.

"It's a real uphill battle, especially since it's an open primary where independents are allowed to vote," Zellner said. "There's a tremendous ground game in effect here. I think we are closing the gap."

Zellner said they were knocking on the doors of voters already identified as Clinton supporters to make sure they show up for Tuesday's primary.