Zoning change may halt Grand Island truck stop proposal

Apr 3, 2018

The Grand Island Town Board has voted unanimously to change town zoning law in order to prevent the development of a truck stop. "To put something like that (the truck stop) in the middle of it would define Grand Island in a way we don't want to be defined," said Town Supervisor Nathan McMurray. 

Grand Island Supervisor Nathan McMurray believes a change in zoning law will put an end to a proposed truck stop in his town.
Credit grandislandny.us

"This is a place where we're proud of green space, we're proud of Grand Island being a refuge from the high density that surrounds us," McMurray continued. 

The proposal, McMurray said, has very little support from Grand Island residents. The zoning change would prohibit "multi-use travel plazas" from the island community. 

Truck stop company Love's Travel Plaza reportedly did not send a representative to last night's meeting. Still, McMurray isn't certain this will be the end of the matter.

"Unfortunately, if you look at the history of what these types of companies do, is they are persistent and they can badger towns with lawsuits. These types of things can linger for years. "

McMurray hopes the widespread outcry against the plaza "helps them see that we don't want this."