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Six years after the crash of Continental Connection Flight 3407 in Clarence claimed 50 lives, the subject of air safety has once again become a political hot topic in Washington. Congressional hearings are taking place this week to review the aspects of a new FAA Reauthorization Bill.

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The families of the victims of Continental Connection Flight 3407 have won two key court battles, ahead of an expected trial next spring.

Photo provided by Flight 3407 family member Jennifer West

The Families of Continental Flight 3407 were back in Washington Wednesday to have their first meeting with new Secretary of Transportation Anthony Foxx.

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Despite the stunning revelations of safety shortcomings that emerged in the aftermath of the crash of Flight 3407, the airline industry is moving begrudgingly to raise universal standards.

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On a cold February night in Clarence, 50 people were remembered on the fourth anniversary of Continental Connection Flight 3407 crashing to the ground in Clarence Center.

A longtime writer about the airline industry has a new book called "Attention All Passengers."  William McGee recently visited our studio's to talk with WBFO's Mike Desmond.