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Gov. Andrew Cuomo is proposing an increase in school aid of over three-quarters of a billion dollars, a rise of about 3 percent over last year, but some say that’s not enough to meet school districts’ rising costs.

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Some Buffalo school parents, students and community members left for Albany early Tuesday morning to call on state leaders to fully fund public schools.  WBFO's senior reporter Eileen Buckley says they will join a rally with the Alliance for Quality Education as they call for racial and economic equity in education.

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Some of the state’s top ranking education officials are condemning a vote by a State University of New York committee that would weaken regulations for teachers at some charter schools.

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After an embarrassing controversy over stipend payments, the beleaguered group of breakaway Democrats in the state Senate is trying to change the subject.

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Gov. Andrew Cuomo is warning that the state might not be able to add more money for schools this year because of uncertainties in Washington over federal funding.

Cuomo distorting school aid picture, report says

Feb 3, 2017
Alliance for Quality Education

The Alliance for Quality Education says Gov. Andrew Cuomo is misleading the public in a debate about school funding. The school advocacy group has published a new report that criticizes the governor's proposed education spending plan and his attempts to defend it.

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More than a decade after the state’s highest court ordered New York lawmakers to spend billions more a year on schools, Gov. Andrew Cuomo and his top aides are moving further away from ever fulfilling the order, critics say.

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A committee of the state Board of Regents recommends spending $2.1 billion more on schools in the new state budget, saying it’s time to continue an effort begun a decade ago to funnel more money to the state’s poorest school districts.

Alliance for Quality Education

It’s been 10 years since New York’s highest court ordered that more state money be paid to schools with the poorest children. But advocates say in the decade since the 2006 ruling, many so called high needs schools have fallen even further behind.

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The teachers union and its allies will protest outside the state’s annual Business Council meeting in Lake George on Wednesday.  The union is upset over a speech to be given by former CNN anchor and now charter school advocate Campbell Brown.

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Disagreements that have roiled the state’s education community in the wake of new teacher evaluation laws approved by Governor Cuomo and the legislature as part of the budget were highlighted at a day long summit called by education officials.

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Supporters of public schools protested outside the Buffalo school board meeting room Wednesday.

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The Buffalo Board of Education has potentially cleared the way for conversion of many city schools to charters.

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Parents, citizens and local officials gathered in Buffalo Wednesday to demand that New York State provide more funding for public schools. The #WeCantWait social media campaign urges the state to comply with court ordered funding through the Campaign for Fiscal Equality.

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Education funding advocates say they have a use for the recently announced $4.2 billion state surplus. They say schools in New York, particularly the state’s poorest schools, could really use  the money.

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Fewer than 20 percent of school districts outside of New York City have expressed interest in expanding their pre-kindergarten programs. Critics say that falls far short of the goals of a program billed in the state budget as  "universal pre-K."

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Local parents, students, and community members say Governor Cuomo’s proposed increase in school aid isn’t enough. The group gathered at Citizen Action of New York and Alliance for Quality Education headquarters in Buffalo Wednesday to discuss their concerns with the plan.

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New York isn't providing the education it could to the state's students, according to a new report card prepared by the Alliance for Quality Education.

There is good news for local school districts in the state budget being finalized in Albany. The agreement hammered out between Gov. Cuomo and lawmakers provides more than $21 billion in aid to education, an increase of nearly $1 billion.

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A deal reached between legislative leaders and Governor Andrew Cuomo would increase funding for education by nearly $1 billion.  Some of the money would be used to advance several initiatives announced by Cuomo earlier in the year.

Education advocates say Governor Andrew Cuomo's plan to increase school aid 4.4 percent in the next fiscal year falls short of what is needed.

Buffalo is making progress in cutting student suspensions but a statewide advocacy group says more needs to be done.

The district is trying to get away from suspensions for non-violent behavior.

Associate Superintendent Will Keresztes says suspensions are down over each of the last two years but African-American males are still suspended in numbers above their ranks in the school system.

He says schools are trying to do more within the buildings to cut suspensions.