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If you need an ambulance in Buffalo, your help may arrive a little faster than previously. The city's ambulance provider, American Medical Response, says it has tuned up its operations in the city to the point it has knocked two minutes off response time.

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The Taste of Buffalo and the Rolling Stones concert will be bringing large crowds to the region this weekend.

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With its contract in the City of Buffalo set to expire in June, Rural Metro Medical Services is defending its ambulance service.

Woman held for high speed ambulance chase

May 21, 2012

Police say a woman who stole an ambulance led them on a chase that reached almost 100 mph before she crashed.

Buffalo Police say the woman got into the Rural/Metro Medical Services ambulance at the Erie County Medical Center and took off at about 6:30 a.m. Sunday.

They say she was chased by medical center police and narrowly missed pedestrians and other vehicles as she sped through intersections, lost control and hit a parking lot wall.