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Senate, Assembly budgets bypass Cuomo pension reforms

Mar 13, 2012

The state Assembly and Senate have released one house versions of a state budget that do not include Governor Cuomo’s plan for a new benefit tier to limit the pensions of future public workers.

The budgets plans are designed to stake out the positions of Assembly Democrats and Senate Republicans- and are often changed in the final deal with the governor.

Neither house has included Cuomo’s plan to offer a new Tier 6 benefit package with smaller pensions for new workers.

Redistricting amendment faces scrutiny

Mar 12, 2012
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Legislative leaders are crafting a constitutional amendment to create a bi partisan panel to draw new legislative and congressional district lines after the next census in 2020.

Talks have centered on a 10 member panel, five Democrats and five Republicans, appointed by the majority and minority parties of the legislature, with appointees coming equally from both parties in the legislature. 

Governor Cuomo is moving to stabilize the NFTA by nominating four board members, replacing four members whose terms have long since expired.

The governor has nominated businessman and philanthropist Howard Zemsky to move up from a board member to chairman.  Zemsky was previously nominated to be chairman by Governor Spitzer but the nomination never came out of the Senate process.  It has been more than five years since there was a permanent authority chairman.

Cuomo has also nominated educator Bonita Durand, realtor Charles Gurney and union official Philip Wilcox.

Cuomo slips in poll on education issues

Mar 6, 2012

In a new poll released Monday, voters give Governor Andrew Cuomo mixed reviews on his education policies.

They say they like a new agreement on teacher evaluations, but a narrow margin say the governor is overall making the problems in the education system worse.

The poll, by Siena College, asked voters whether they think a new teacher evaluation system brokered by Governor Cuomo will improve the quality of education in New York.

Siena’s Steve Greenberg says 50 percent say they think it would, while 38 percent believed it would have no effect.

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Governor Andrew Cuomo delivered his second budget address from Albany Thursday. The Governor did mention the already promised  $1 Billion for Buffalo.  

Cuomo said the funding coming will have many purposes.    He said plans are still being finalized for the funding, but noted the city will receive $100 million this year.

"Until we have a specific plan $100 million this year, $100 million next year and the funds are flexible depending on what the business plan is that actually comes to Buffalo," said Cuomo.

Governor gets ready to reveal his budget plan

Jan 17, 2012
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Governor Andrew Cuomo is expected to call for greater accountability from teachers and schools for student performance when he delivers his annual budget address Tuesday afternoon from Albany.

Cuomo says New York spends more per student than any state in the Union, yet ranks only 38th in terms of its graduation rate.  Facing another year of red ink, the Governor will not ask for any spending increases. 

But despite the challenges ahead, Cuomo says managing the budget this year will be easier than last year.

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2011 saw a return to normalcy in the State Capitol.  After four years of high profile scandals, a new governor worked with both parties to pass an ambitious agenda, including a property tax cap and a gay marriage law. 

The dysfunction that was so typical of state government the past four years disappeared in 2011.  Governor Andrew Cuomo came into office determined to pass an on-time budget and more.  Ken Lovett, Albany bureau correspondent for the New York Daily News, says it was a refreshing change...

The Western New York region has reason to celebrate. Governor Andrew Cuomo has awarded $100.3 million to the Western New York Regional Economic Development Council. Newly elected state Assemblyman Sean Ryan calls this a huge win for Western New York. “The work of the Regional Council very important. They to put together a very impressive plan, but this really puts in the nice course for the future. It provides a framework that allows the vehicle for nice comprehensive investment for New York State in Western New York to help grow our economy,” said Ryan.

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A tentative agreement has been reached among the governor, and leaders of the state Senate and Assembly, on a new tax structure for New Yorkers.

The proposal would effectively continue the tax surcharge for those making over $1 million per year that was scheduled to expire at the end of the month.

The plan would cut the tax burden slightly for those in the $40,000 t0 $150,000 range. It includes a $1  billion public works component for bridge and road repairs, and other public infrastructure.

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Governor Andrew Cuomo has issued an op-ed piece on tax reform.  It has been issued to newspapers across New York State. 

The following is what the Governor wrote:

New York needs to enact a bold, innovative economic plan and tax code reform to create jobs at this difficult time. To achieve that we will need bipartisan political cooperation and a plan the people of the State support.

I believe economic development, popular support, and political consensus must all be built on the same foundation: fundamental fairness.

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The failure by the bipartisan "super committee" to reach a deficit reduction deal in Washington will mean more financial troubles for New York State.  

The state receives about $40 billion a year from the federal government.   But with the failed deal, the state will lose  about $5 billion over ten years.   On Tuesday's Capitol Pressroom on WBFO, host Susan Arbetter asked Governor Andrew Cuomo about how the state will be dealing with the projected losses.

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Halfway through the state's fiscal year, New York is dealing with a $350 million hole in its budget. 

Governor Andrew Cuomo released his mid-year budget assessment Monday, suggesting he may have to call a special session of the State Legislature if the numbers worsen.  On the Capitol Pressroom on WBFO, Cuomo said his budget office is coming up with a fiscal management plan to close the deficit.

WNY Regional Economic Council Approves Strategic Plan

Nov 9, 2011

With millions of dollars of competitive economic development dollars on the line, the Western New York Regional Economic Development Council has approved a five-year strategic plan it will submit to Albany next week.