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The White House has officially confirmed that President Barack Obama will be in Buffalo next Thursday, August 22, to kick off of a two-day bus tour.

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Ongoing cleanup of the Buffalo River and the City Ship Canal will continue as the Environmental Protection Agency restored funding for the effort.

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The Families of Continental Flight 3407 were back in Washington Wednesday to have their first meeting with new Secretary of Transportation Anthony Foxx.

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Some of the areas elected leaders, including Congressman Brian Higgins, are calling on the community to join them in supporting President Obama's plan to fight climate change.

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Nearly 200 AmeriCorps members will be serving schools and other organizations in Buffalo thanks to a federal grant.

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Congressmen Chris Collins and Brian Higgins stood side-by-side in Buffalo Monday in opposition of a downsizing plan by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

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More improvements are on the way along Buffalo's waterfront as the city is moving forward with the $11.3 million reconstruction of Ohio Street.

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Officials cut the ribbon Friday on a dock extension along the Buffalo waterfront.

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As early as Monday, we may find out if two Canadian residents had help in their alleged plot to blow up a train between New York City and Toronto.

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The Ontario government wants to beef up security on passenger trains following the arrests of two men accused of planning a terror attack. The train that was allegedly targeted runs through western New York.

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April 22 marked Earth Day and on Buffalo's waterfront, Rep. Brian Higgins introduced legislation to help clean up the Great Lakes through upgrades to wastewater treatment plants.

Veterans Golden Age Games back on

Apr 2, 2013
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The Department of Veteran Affairs has reversed course and now says the 27th Annual National Veterans Golden Age Games are back on, after being postponed last week.

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A high-ranking member of the Senate Banking Committee is looking into Bank of America's decision to shut down it mortgage processing center in Getzville.

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Changes could be on the way for the traveling public both in the air and on the ground if the $85 billion worth of spending cuts take effect as planned.  

Office of Rep. Brian Higgins

Rep. Brian Higgins is calling for the removal of yet another section of Western New York highway in a call to restore waterfront access.

WNY delegation supports fiscal cliff agreement

Jan 2, 2013
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After weeks of gloomy warnings regarding an impending federal fiscal cliff, Congress worked at the last minute to avoid the automatic spending cuts and tax hikes that would have taken effect in the new year.

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Congressman Brian Higgins is calling on the NFTA to give up its waterfront property for a couple of dollars, but the Transit Authority is not keen on the idea.  

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The NFTA should focus on its core mission of public transportation and not stand in the way of waterfront progress, says Rep. Brian Higgins. 

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Rep. Brian Higgins says the New York State Department of Transportation will conduct a cost-benefit analysis of alternatives to the Buffalo Skyway. 

Former Buffalo councilman David Rutecki dies

Nov 21, 2012

Former Buffalo common councilmember and community leader David Rutecki has passed away. Rutecki died of a stroke overnight in New York City. 

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The fourth anniversary of the crash of Flight 3407 is approaching and a number of aviation safety changes still have not gone into effect.

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The Niagara Frontier Transportation Authority has requested development proposals for its outer harbor lands delaying the transfer of ownership.

The delay was criticized by Representative Brian Higgins as unnecessary. Higgins claims that transferring the nearly 400 acres now to the Erie Canal harbor Development Corporation or the City of Buffalo will maintain the momentum of development that has been established.

The delay means that the transfer will not take place until January or February.

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After years of rejecting the concept, authorities on both sides of the border have agreed to allow U.S. inspectors to conduct truck searches in Fort Erie.

The Buffalo News reports an 18-month pilot program at the Peace Bridge and at an international crossing in Washington state will be monitored to see if traffic flow can be improved without compromising security.

Obama signs bill to name courthouse after Jackson

Oct 5, 2012
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President Barack Obama signed a bill Friday that names Buffalo's new federal courthouse in memory of the late U.S. Supreme Court Justice Robert H. Jackson. 

The naming legislation, sponsored by Congressman Brian Higgins, was approved by the House in July and passed by the Senate in September. 

Robert Jackson was raised in Frewsburg and spent much of his young adult life in Jamestown and Buffalo.  He rose through the legal ranks to become U.S. Solicitor General, U.S. Attorney General, and eventually Supreme Court Justice in 1941. 

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After a successful summer of activities that attracted thousands of people to the downtown waterfront, Congressman Brian Higgins is once again calling for removal of the Buffalo Skyway.

Higgins points out the the state Department of Transportation recently rated the bridge over the Buffalo River "functionally obsolete," because it lacks shoulders, and structurally "deficient."

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Buffalo's new federal courthouse has been open for months, but an important part of the project remains undone.

According to Congressman Brian Higgins, plans for the new building included re-using the old courthouse.  
Standing at the corner of Court Street and Niagara Square Monday, Higgins told reporters the government's landlord agency, the General Services Administration, should be following through on its plans to reopen the former Dillion Federal Courthouse. 

Rep. Brian Higgins says the U.S. needs to let the unrest in the Middle East "play itself out."

An privately-produced, anti-Islam film made in the America has provoked a week of unrest in predominantly Muslim countries.  But Higgins, a member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, says the U.S. can not impose itself in every conflict . 

"Those places aren't going to change until those people want to change. What we can do is influence our country and how we are viewed as a nation throughout the world," Higgins said.

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A bronze statue honoring the late Buffalo Mayor Jimmy Griffin now stands outside the downtown ballpark he helped build. 

Th statue was unveiled Friday afternoon outside of Coca Cola Field in the area known as James D. Griffin Plaza at the corner of Swan and Washington streets. 

Griffin, who served as mayor for 16 years from 1978 to 1993, died in 2008.  He was considered instrumental in getting what was then Pilot Field constructed in 1988.

House approves naming federal courthouse for Jackson

Jul 24, 2012
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The House of Representatives has voted in favor of Buffalo's new Federal Courthouse for Robert H. Jackson, highlighting one of the more remarkable legal careers in the nation's history.

The measure now goes to the Senate, which is expected to follow suit.

Jackson was educated in Chautauqua County schools in Frewsburg and Jamestown and practiced law in Buffalo. Though he never graduated from law school, Franklin Roosevelt appointed Jackson as U.S. Attorney General in 1940 and later named him to the Supreme Court.

Bills block NFL's new blackout policy

Jul 13, 2012

The Buffalo Bills will buck a new league trend by continuing to mandate that Ralph Wilson Stadium be sold out before allowing the region to watch broadcasts of home games.

The NFL is now allowing its franchises to follow an eased blackout policy requiring at least 85 percent of stadium seats to be sold to lift the blackout. But the Bills say the change doesn't make financial sense for the small-market team.