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Possible changes to Medicaid

13 hours ago

The Trump administration wants to overhaul more than just the Affordable Care Act — Medicaid is also on its list for reforms. White House officials are signaling their support for turning Medicaid, the health care program for poor and disabled people, into a block grant program with specific spending caps for states. That could mean big cuts to either state budgets, or Medicaid rolls — or both.

Kai Ryssdal

In the past, we've talked about how companies are making adjustments to get along with the new president. For some, a healthy relationship with the new administration isn't just about the president — but for his closest advisers too.

Remember Dippin' dots, the little flash-frozen balls of ice cream mixed with liquid nitrogen?

China bids to become global leader on free trade

14 hours ago

President Donald Trump officially backed out of the Trans-Pacific Partnership today, essentially scrapping his predecessor's most significant trade deal. In its place, Trump said he will institute an "America-first" policy, including renegotiating existing multilateral trade deals.

Corn farmers looking ahead with 'nervous anticipation'

15 hours ago
Kai Ryssdal and Robert Garrova

The president and his spokesman today talked about making changes to U.S. trade policy. Those changes will impact slices of the economy that you might not expect. Keith Alverson is a sixth generation corn farmer in Chester, South Dakota. He says that while he and other corn farmers are optimistic about the future, they have concerns over potential policy changes. He spoke with Marketplace Host Kai Ryssdal about how he views the new administration.

President Donald Trump says he can cut regulations by 75 percent

16 hours ago

Every new presidential administration starts with a flurry of activity and the Trump White House is proving no different in that regard.

President Donald Trump met with business leaders in the White House Monday morning – many of whom are from the manufacturing sector. Among them were Mark Fields of Ford Motor Company, Elon Musk of SpaceX, Michael Dell of Dell Technologies and representatives from Whirlpool, Lockheed Martin, Dow Chemical, and U.S. Steel, to name a few.

Britain seeks U.S. help on trade

16 hours ago
Sam Beard

British Prime Minister Theresa May will be the first foreign leader to meet President Trump since his inauguration when she arrives at the White House on Friday. The meeting is   providing a boost for May as she grapples with the monumental challenge of Brexit. Trump has applauded Britain’s decision to leave the European Union, talked about deepening the special relationship between the two countries and offered a free trade deal to help the UK on its way out of the EU.

01/23/2017: Trump's first day of work

18 hours ago

It's Donald Trump's first work day as president, and it was a busy one. He met with a number of business leaders to talk trade, and pledged to cut down on regulation by 75 percent. We'll look at what that means,get a farmer's take on the Trump administration and take a look at our trade relationships with China and the U.K.. Plus, a conversation with the CEO of Equinox. 

What the Equinox CEO knew about lifestyle branding before the rest of us

18 hours ago
Kai Ryssdal and Bridget Bodnar

When Harvey Spevak came on board at Equinox in 1998, the fitness company had a handful of clubs scattered across Manhattan. Today, they have almost 90 clubs scattered across the United States, with a location in Canada and another in the UK. With Spevak as CEO, Equinox acquired SoulCycle, an indoor cycling studio, and launched Blink, a no-frills gym franchise.

Spevak on what he knew about Equinox in 1998 that others:

Trump moving fast on first workday of GOP government

23 hours ago

It’s the first workday for the fully GOP-led government. President Trump and congressional leaders have big plans: tax cuts, spending cuts, health care reform … and there’s an entire White House cabinet waiting for confirmation by the Senate.

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Farmers pin hopes on Trump's choice for Ag Secretary

23 hours ago
Annie Baxter

Sonny Perdue, President Donald Trump's choice for secretary of agriculture, has deep ties to agriculture. Perdue is a former governor of Georgia, a state known for agricultural products including peaches, cotton and poultry. And agriculture has played a big part in Perdue's other professional pursuits.

“He's run businesses on farm inputs — fertilizer sales, for example. [He’s] also run a business basically set up to promote trade of agricultural products,” said Bob Young, chief economist at the American Farm Bureau Federation.

The future of international trade

Jan 23, 2017

Trump has signed an order withdrawing the U.S. from the Trans-Pacific Partnership, and will reportedly renegotiate NAFTA. We'll talk about some other international trade moves we can expect from the administration. Also in Trump-related news: a lawsuit that accuses Trump of violating the U.S. Constitution and Trump's new choice for agriculture secretary.

01/23/2017: Unplugging Obamacare

Jan 23, 2017

President Trump has signed a new order giving federal and state officials authority to waive or delay parts of the Affordable Care Act. We'll look at how much weight it carries. Next, we'll talk about a possible plan from Foxconn, a major Apple supplier, to create a $7 billion factory in the U.S. Finally, we'll speak with economist Teresa Ghilarducci about how Americans aren't saving enough for retirement.

01/23/17: Tom Wheeler's exit interview

Jan 23, 2017

During his time as head of the Federal Communications Commission, Tom Wheeler pushed for internet providers to deliver information at equal speeds. But companies have pushed back against this idea of net neutrality. Wheeler joined us to talk about the telecom industry, his successor, and his plans for the future. Afterwards, we'll hear from Harvard professor Susan Crawford about what telecom policy might look like under President Trump. 

Bruce Johnson

Telecommunications policy is not exactly a great topic of conversation for a party. But it is really important for every user. We are used to having a fair amount of choice when it comes to who we get our internet from, how much we pay, and what kind of internet we are getting.

But as broadband and wireless internet service providers merge more with the companies that make the stuff we want to get online, the choices we make as users matter even more. And telecom policy has a huge impact on all of this. 

Catherine Rampell of The Washington Post and Cardiff Garcia of FT Alphaville join Marketplace Host Kai Ryssdal to discuss the week's business and economic news. This time, they cover President Donald Trump's decidedly ominous speech at the inauguration, the concept of "buying American and hiring American," and whether we can continue being optimistic about inflation and interest rates. already has a new list of issues

Jan 20, 2017
Kai Ryssdal

The White House IT folks (or was it the policy folks?) didn't waste any time today — the Donald Trump presidency wasn't more than 15 minutes old when the White House website was revamped.

The top issues list now reads: "Energy," "American First Foreign Policy," "Bringing Back Jobs" and "Making Our Military Strong Again." Plus, law enforcement and trade deals.

The Volcker Rule may see some changes

Jan 20, 2017

For years, Republicans have called for a repeal of the Volcker Rule — a ban on certain kinds of risky trading by banks. But in his confirmation hearing yesterday, Treasury Secretary nominee and former Goldman Sachs partner, Steven Mnuchin, said he supports the rule, but he also said some parts of it may need tweaking.

Power shifts in the 'think-tank-ocracy'

Jan 20, 2017
Mitchell Hartman

Think tanks—from the Center for American Progress and Economic Policy Institute on the liberal side, to the Heritage Foundation and American Enterprise Institute on the conservative side—have played an important role in policymaking in recent decades. 

Princeton University political historian Julian Zelizer said President Ronald Reagan ramped up the practice in the early 1980s. “He turned to conservative think tanks like Heritage (Foundation) for some of the actual proposals—literally drafted by them—during his first 100 Days,” said Zelizer.

Sterling Technologies: A small business optimistic under President Trump

Jan 20, 2017
Kai Ryssdal and Caitlin Esch

On Thursday’s live show from Erie, Pennsylvania, we introduced you to a county that voted for a Republican presidential candidate for the first time since 1984.

It’s for our series, "The Big Promise," a yearlong reporting project based in Erie County. We’re looking at what happens in a place where the economy's changing, manufacturing jobs have left and voters are counting on the promises the president made during the campaign.


Jan 20, 2017

As of noon today, Donald Trump is the 45th President of the United States. Celebrations will continue into the night, but we've convened our Weekly Wrap-ers to talk though Trump's gloomy speech and what's ahead. Plus, a look at how the think tank economy is dealing with Trump, and a Pennsylvania factory that's banking on him. Then, the view from the Mexican border.

Obamacare appeal could hike property taxes

Jan 20, 2017

When uninsured people get sick and can’t pay out of pocket, they often go to public hospitals. And the bills they can’t pay get passed down to residents in the form of property taxes. The Affordable Care Act helped some counties lower those taxes by giving states billions of dollars to expand Medicaid. With a repeal pending, what might happen now?

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Correction: A previous version of this story had an inaccurate headline. It has been updated.

GE focuses on the networked industrial frontier

Jan 20, 2017

As GE reports fourth-quarter earnings, we'll look at the company’s focus on manufacturing with a digital emphasis. GE’s been investing in cloud-based industrial management tools and the “internet of things.”  Does that put the company in a good position to capitalize on the Trump administration’s interest in spurring domestic manufacturing?

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How immigrants are preparing for the Trump era

Jan 20, 2017
David Brancaccio and Paulina Velasco

As Donald Trump takes his first steps as president of the United States, immigrant communities across the nation are waiting to see if he will turn anti-immigrant rhetoric into anti-immigrant policy.

Leon Krauze, a New Yorker contributor and an anchor at the Los Angeles-based Univision station KMEXsaid that there's fear among Southern California's Hispanic community.

Rhetoric dismissing international trade deals has been a central theme for President-elect Donald Trump. While the future of such agreements remains in question, some local officials are arguing the benefits of one trade deal: the North American Free Trade Agreement.

A flurry of regulatory action before inauguration

Jan 20, 2017
Lane Wallace

On the eve of Friday’s inauguration of Donald Trump, we’ve seen a flurry of activity at the Federal Trade Commission and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, agencies with a hand in regulating Wall Street and big corporations.

01/20/2017: The flow of money across borders

Jan 20, 2017

The Trump administration may institute a repatriation holiday, which would reduce the U.S. corporate tax rate from 35 to 10 percent for a temporary stretch. U.S. corporations have profits parked overseas to avoid the current rate. Harvard professor Fritz Foley looks at whether bringing them over here would help the economy. Afterwards, we'll talk with Univision's Leon Krauze about how immigrants are preparing for Trump's presidency.

Your tech needs for inauguration weekend

Jan 20, 2017
Clare Toeniskoetter

Thousands of Americans are gathering in Washington, D.C. this week, either to see President-elect Donald Trump’s inauguration or to protest with the Women’s March on Washington. And with the crowds, comes their technology—  cell phones, tablets, cameras. Here’s what to expect in D.C. this weekend: 

New banned items

There are at least two new banned items at inauguration: selfie sticks and drones.

01/20/17: The hefty fees for drone use

Jan 20, 2017

New gadgets mean new rules. With Trump's inauguration taking place today, D.C. wants to make it clear that drones and selfie sticks are not allowed in the capitol. We'll take look at what attendees WILL be able to bring with them. As for those of us who live elsewhere in the country, we'll also share the ways you can watch the event online. Afterwards, software engineer Tracey Chou will join us to play this week's Silicon Tally. 

01/19/2017: Live from Erie, Pennsylvania

Jan 19, 2017

The story of Erie, Pennsylvania — a manufacturing town that's lost hundreds of jobs and is looking for President-elect Donald Trump to bring them back — is the story of the 2016 election. Erie County went red for the first time in decades, and now its residents are anxiously waiting to see what Trump's campaign promises look like in action. To kick off our yearlong reporting project "The Big Promise," we're recording the whole show live from a brewery in Erie.

What these small business owners need from Trump

Jan 19, 2017
Kai Ryssdal and Donna Tam

Editor’s Note: This interview was conducted during our a live show broadcast from Erie, Pennsylvania. Erie is at the center of our year-long reporting project, “The Big Promise.”

Businesses owners don’t always feel like politicians actually understand what they are going through.