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U.S. Senator Charles Schumer is joining the effort to gain the Medal of Freedom for the four firefighters ambushed in West Webster on Christmas Eve day.   WBFO's Eileen Buckley says Schumer is calling on the President to fast-track the process and grant the medals.

U.S. Senator Charles Schumer is pushing for legislation that would make it a federal crime to intimidate a witness and set tough penalties for intimidation.

Schumer joins gun control debate

Dec 24, 2012

New York’s senior Senator is taking issue with the NRA in the aftermath of the Newtown, Connecticut school shootings.

Activists from across New York are in Washington to lobby on behalf of working families.

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Niagara Falls will be getting the latest in high-tech crime fighting under a program that may eventually bring in millions of dollars to deal with rising crime.

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There could be a new mission in the works for the Niagara Falls Air Reserve Station.

US Air Force officials have mentioned the possibility of locating a fleet of drones at the base. Details regarding the plan remain elusive, but the concept is getting support from Representative Kathy Hochul and Senator Charles Schumer.

It remains to be seen what this proposal could mean for the base's fleet of C-130 cargo planes and its staffing numbers.

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U.S. Senator Charles Schumer says too many trucks are crashing into bridge overpasses, especially in Western New York. 

Schumer appeared in Buffalo Thursday near the CSX Railroad overpass at William and Metcalfe.  That bridge has been struck by trucks 32 times in the past few years.  The bridge, built in 1926,  has just a 12-foot clearance.

Schumer is calling on the U.S. Department of Transportation to conduct an investigation.  He wants national standards to be issued in the use of GPS units in commercial trucks.

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Buffalo-based New Era Cap Company is losing millions of dollars to counterfeiters each year, which could cost local workers their jobs.

At the company's Delaware Avenue headquarters downtown Friday, Senator Charles Schumer announced a plan that he says will help trace the source of counterfeit caps, urge the U.S. Trade Representative to put more pressure on foreign governments, and step-up enforcement online.  

The Canadian government says it will maintain a consular presence in Buffalo, even though the downtown Consulate in the HSBC Tower is slated to close. 

Senator Charles Schumer says he has been in contact with government officials, trying to get them to reverse what he calls a "poor decision."  Around 75 people worked on two floors in the tower. The Consulate's immigrant section closed in June.

While its still on track to close next week, Schumer says Foreign Minister John Baird has agreed to keep a consular presence in the Queen City through a smaller liaison office. 

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U.S. Senator Charles Schumer is requesting a change to a National Football League's matching loan program to free up $25 million in league revenue to help with renovations to Ralph Wilson Stadium, without a penalty to the community if the team is sold.

Currently, what is known as the G-4 loan program would help the Bills pay for stadium upgrades, but it would have to be paid back immediately if the team is sold. That would permit a new owner to liquidate assets and relocate the franchise.

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With China largely cornering the market for rare earth metals, domestic researchers are trying to create synthetic replacements.

SUNY Buffalo (UB) wants to corner that effort – and is asking the federal government for $120 million to help.

"A four letter word"

It is an alarming trend in Western New York and across the country: babies born addicted to prescription pain killers. 

U.S. Senator Charles Schumer visited Buffalo's Sisters of Charity Hospital Monday, telling reporters
and hospital staff the nation must act now to reduce the alarming number of prescription drug-addicted infants. 

"Western New York is facing a serious problem with the growing trend of what is known as NAS,  Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome," said Senator Schumer. 

William Street mail center to remain open

May 10, 2012

Buffalo's William Street mail processing facility will remain open for at least three more years, according to Senator Charles Schumer.  Schumer says Postmaster General Patrick Donohoe informed him of the news this week. 

Under a cost-cutting reorganization plan, the Postal Service wanted to shift processing work to a similar facility in Rochester, eliminating 700 local jobs and ending overnight local delivery. Mail sent locally would have been processed in the Rochester facility and then sent back to Buffalo.

New York's Senators, Charles Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand, are poised to introduce legislation to name the new federal courthouse in Buffalo after a local Supreme Court Justice.

The House is prepared to pass a similar bill that would name the building after the late Robert H. Jackson.

Jackson was a noted jurist, hailing from Frewsburg in Chautauqua County.

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The National Parks Service is promising to make right a 30-year wrong, with the correction of the misspelled name of a fallen Western New York hero on Vietnam War Memorial in Washington, D.C.

For a Niagara Falls area family who lost a loved one in the Vietnam War, there is closure at last.

The family of army medic and Bishop Duffy High School graduate Roland Settimi has waited 30 years for a wrong to be made right.  Roland was killed in action in 1969. 

EPA urged to improve industrial "hazmat" disclosures

Feb 23, 2012

Firefighters and other first responders to emergencies say more knowledge about the hazardous materials awaiting them at a fire scene will benefit not only their crews but also the nearby public.   Leaders from the first responder community  joined Senator Charles Schumer at Erie County's Emergency Services Training and Operations Center in Cheektowaga, where they called on the Environmental Protection Agency to streamline its system under which industries report the potentially dangerous materials they house.

Schumer proposes legislation to address drug shortages

Jan 6, 2012
photo by Michael Mroziak

Senator Charles Schumer came to Buffalo Thursday to speak about what medical leaders say is an unprecedented level of medication shortages in the past year.  Schumer is also introducing a three-part proposal to address the issue.

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The new, ten story federal courthouse officially opens for business Monday.  As WBFO's Mark Scott reports, federal officials are hailing the new building's design.  But not everyone is enamored by it.

The new courthouse in Niagara Square across from City Hall is finally finished.  Its opening was delayed for many months when a moisture problem was discovered.  Federal court staffers have spent the past several weeks moving in.  And Monday morning, a ceremonial flag raising was held to mark the first day of business.