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Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown announced the newest appointee to the City Court on Friday. WBFO’s Avery Schneider was at City Hall, and brings us this report…

There is growing pressure on officers as officials focus on recent reports of police improprieties. More discussion is expected Tuesday night in a gathering at Mount Olive Baptist Church.

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Buffalo Common Council members say they want to be ready if there is a push to build a new city stadium for the Buffalo Bills.

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Shops selling electronic cigarettes will soon need a permit to operate in the city of Buffalo.

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A battle is brewing over reward money connected to the arrest of the shooter in the 2010 City Grill massacre.

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The leader of the Buffalo Common Council is weighing in on the education crisis in the city. In this Focus on Education report, WBFO's Eileen Buckley talked with the Council president and True Bethel pastor Rev. Darius Pridgen.  Pridgen, who once served as a member of the Buffalo Board of Education, offers his thoughts on the city district.

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A Buffalo lawmaker is calling on the Board of Education to adopt a policy to hold mandatory assemblies. In our Focus on Education report, WBFO's Eileen Buckley says the assemblies would be designed to engage parents.

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After several high-profile incidents, including a Buffalo Police officer caught on camera beating a handcuffed man, the Common Council has reinstated its Police Oversight Committee.

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Buffalo is looking for a new weapon against some of the city's bad property owners and landlords. The Common Council is asking for a change in the tax lien law for city properties.

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Buffalo Common Council President Darius Pridgen said as a new appointee to the Niagara River Greenway Commission he will push for use of education to tell all residents of the value and opportunities of the local waterfront.

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Buffalo City Hall is looking for some help from Albany to deal with the persisting problem of slumlords.

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Buffalo Common Council members approved mandatory sexual harassment training for themselves and their staffs and mandatory training for new council members.

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By a unanimous vote, Rev. Darius Pridgen has been elected president of the Buffalo Common Council.

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The year's end brings an anticipated new look for 2014. Among the rumored moves are possible new directions for Mayor Byron Brown and Congressman Brian Higgins.

Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown says he is skeptical of a proposal that the city step in with funding to keep the Market Arcade Film and Arts Center open. 

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The fight to save an East side Catholic church is not over. A city lawmaker is vowing to save the building from demolition.

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A former Buffalo Board of Education member believes the state is poised to take over the city school district. WBFO's Eileen Buckley talked with Ellicott District Common Council member Rev. Darius Pridgen about the ongoing crisis as new school year begins for city students Thursday.

Pridgen proposes training for crime stoppers

Jul 22, 2013
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In the wake of the Trayvon Martin case, Buffalo Common Council Member Darius Pridgen wants to make sure neighborhood watch groups and block clubs know how to handle certain situations. The Ellicott District lawmaker is calling for a formal training program.  

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The issue of the fate of the Trico complex on the edge of the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus has now become mixed into the fight over how much say Fruit Belt residents should have in development in their neighborhood.

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The University at Buffalo may face some problems regarding its plans in the city because of strife over the way they are affecting residents of the Fruit Belt.

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The closing of Ellicott Street Friday is the first sign of the construction of the new Women and Children's Hospital.

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Plans to create a tourist destination around the Buffalo's Michigan Street African American Heritage Corridor were outlined at two public hearings Tuesday at City Hall. 

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The City of Buffalo may take after some of its suburbs and turn a confusing intersection into a roundabout. 

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A second doctor now reports that Amanda Wienckowski was murdered, but the family still can't get a homicide investigation started. 

A beloved Buffalo woman who was struck and killed last week was remembered Tuesday in Common Council chambers.

There's more housing coming to an area on Buffalo's East Side.

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A problem bar was closed and the Buffalo Common Council refused to allow underage customers for a Chippewa Street bar Halloween party.  It's the latest in events surrounding the entertainment district.

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What to do about the city's growing cat population was discussed Tuesday during a public hearing at City Hall.

Elliccott District Common Council member Darius Pridgen sought to clarify his proposal to license cats. Pridgen stressed that his resolution is simply to deal with the stray cat population, not to put any limits on the number of cats per household.

"We have been having a problem with people not wanting to pick up the cats, because some agencies say they don't know who they belong too," said Pridgen.

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A long-decrepit downtown block is slowly turning around, pushed by political leaders, business pressure and building inspectors.

For many years, the buildings across Main Street from the Hyatt Regency Hotel and the Belesario apartments have been best known for falling apart.

For sale signs and closed restaurants sat in plain view of anyone coming out of the Hyatt.

Ellicott District Common Council member Darius Pridgen says there is progress being made, shown by new businesses opening in the 500 Block of Main. 

Lawmakers approve underage proposal for downtown bars

Mar 20, 2012

The Buffalo Common Council has unanimously approved a law that would keep underage patrons out of bars after 10 p.m. most nights of the week.  

Citizens under the age of 21 would be banned from being inside taverns six nights a week in downtown Buffalo with the exception of Thursdays, which is often deemed “college night” at bars.