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Thursday evening President Donald Trump order military action against Syria. Missiles were launched against a Syrian air base in response to this week's chemical attack on civilians.  WBFO's senior reporter Eileen Buckley talked with a Buffalo high school student, who is a Syrian refugee, and supports the United States response.  

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"Before we get started I want to read a statement from my desk to the people of the City of Buffalo and to all of our families and students who attend Catholic schools or put their children in Catholic schools."

That is how Masten District Common Councilmember Ulysses Wingo started his community meeting Thursday night. To come was an apology for comments he made earlier in the week about students in Catholic schools who "have fun saying" their "Catholic prayers."

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Autism Services is making a push to increase acceptance and awareness. The organization held an art exhibit in WNED|WBFO’s Horizons Gallery. The exhibit also featured performances by the Autism Services band No Words Spoken.

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The Buffalo School Board is taking a hard look at all of the programs outside of the brick and mortar classrooms intended to help students do better in academic achievement.

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Three Western New York students are headed to what is considered the world's largest student ballet competition. WBFO's Senior Reporter Eileen Buckley attended a rehearsal where they were preparing for the finals in New York City.  

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Things heated up Tuesday as Buffalo Common Council members argued over the future of City Honors. The Masten District's Ulysees Wingo says the school's student population has to be more representative of the city's population and it isn't.

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School districts have been left in limbo, with the passage of a New York state budget extender instead of an approved spending plan.

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Daemen College played host Tuesday to a panel discussion on refugees, immigrants and President Donald Trump's policies concerning them.

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A team of three from the Buffalo Public School District will be traveling to Puerto Rico to recruit teachers. WBFO's Senior Reporter Eileen Buckley the visit will be a chance to find new bilingual teachers for city schools.     

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Some area charter schools are preparing for expansion on their campuses.  WBFO's Mike Desmond reports the charter schools are joining the rush to brick and mortar.

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New York State's largest teachers union was once a powerful force behind the opt-out movement. But with an expected shift of leadership as the New York State United Teachers (NYSUT) leader won't seek reelection, will it reshape education policy?  WBFO's Senior Reporter Eileen Buckley and Buffalo News Reporter Tiffany Lankes will discuss the issue in this week's Press Pass, which we hosted on Facebook Live for the first time Monday.

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A new "grow your own" style program will help build a diverse workforce of Buffalo Public School teachers. SUNY Buffalo State and the Buffalo Public School District announced the launch the Urban Teacher Academy to be located at McKinley High School Monday at a news conference. 

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A teacher from Lewiston-Porter High School has become the first Western New York educator to be inducted into the National Teachers Hall of Fame.  WBFO's senior reporter Eileen Buckley attended a special ceremony to honor her work.  


For hundreds of thousands of prospective college students, the most important paperwork may be the dreaded FAFSA form, the pathway to federal financial aid. Now, a change at the Internal Revenue Service is making that process more complicated.

The Buffalo Parent Teacher Organization and several other groups are calling on city school members to join a conversation tomorrow. WBFO's senior reporter Eileen Buckley says the event is called "Pushing Past Paladino".

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The Diocese of Buffalo announced a Catholic elementary school in Cheektowaga will be closing at the end of this school year. WBFO's senior reporter Eileen Buckley says Mary Queen of Angels School has experienced a steady decline in enrollment.  

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Understanding cultural diversity in classrooms, especially in urban schools is the focus of a new Center for Urban Education at Canisius College in Buffalo.  WBFO's Senior Reporter Eileen Buckley says the center will provide future teacher training for urban classrooms. 

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State University of New York Trustees are moving forward with a proposal to provide all students with access to telecounseling and online mental health services. SUNY Trustees passed a directive for University administration to consider the use of the remote counseling services across the state.

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The New York State English Language Arts assessments will be administered Tuesday to students in grades third through eighth begin. But as WBFO's senior reporter Eileen Buckley reports, there hasn't been as much noise from the ‘opt out’ movement as in past years.

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Again this year, it looks as if state aid for schools will be the major source of problems in buttoning down a state budget by the end of the week when the current budget expires.

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The University at Buffalo Law School has a new leader. Aviva Abramovsky has been named dean of UB Law.      

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The state's largest teacher union is crying foul over potentially more state funding for charter schools.  WBFO's senior reporter Eileen Buckley says the union claims charter schools are "flush" with cash and do not need more public dollars. 

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The annual fight over admission to Buffalo's City Honors School, with its towering academic reputation, is turning into a deep look at the city's best schools and how to add to them.

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One of the issues in this week's state budget negotiations is aid to college students, public and private. Gov. Andrew Cuomo is proposing free tuition for most public higher education students, while private schools are proposing more aid for their students.

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Buffalo City Court Judge Craig Hannah helped Erie Community College’s Men of Merit Program kick off this year’s Speaker Series Thursday. The program was established to foster excellence, distinction and integrity in the school’s male African-American, Hispanic and Native American students.

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Protestors seeking to push Carl Paladino off the Buffalo School Board disrupted the Board's meeting as it was being held Wednesday night in Common Council chamber - then disrupted it again when the board returned to its regular meeting room in City Hall.

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Hundreds of high school students were welcomed to the University at Buffalo's North Campus Wednesday morning for its Science Exploration Day.

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A state-wide campaign was kicked off Tuesday on Buffalo's east side. WBFO's senior reporter Eileen Buckley says the "Say Yes to the Test" campaign is urging parents to make public school children take next week's New York State Assessments for 3rd through 8th graders.

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A brand new Muppet will debut next month on Sesame Street.  The new character is Julia, who has autism. WBFO's Senior Reporter Eileen Buckley says our region's Autism Services is very excited about the character.  

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After a month of collecting 3,395 cans and bottles, students at Harvey Austin School in Buffalo are giving back to the community. On Monday, the students presented a 21-year-old woman named Jessie who suffers from reflex sympathetic dystrophy, an incurable neurological pain disorder, with a check to help with medical expenses – including training for a new guide dog.