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The Erie County Legislature on Thursday gave Water Authority chairman Jerome Schad two choices: accept the recommendation that he quit or wait out the ten days until legislators can fire him.

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Two Erie County lawmakers announced Tuesday a proposed resolution calling for the resignation or removal of the last remaining commissioner from the Erie County Water Authority who served during a period of time sharply criticized in a recently-released state report.

Erie County Water Authority

The Erie County Water Authority board of commissioners has voted to fire Executive Director Earl Jann, after determining the terms of Jann's contract to be void.

New York State Authorities Budget Office

The state body that reviews public authorities has censured Erie County Water Authority commissioners who served during 2016 and 2017. It is also recommending that any commissioner who served then and still remains on the board be replaced by the County Legislature.

The Erie County Water Authority got a surprise Thursday. Republican Commissioner Karl Simmeth submitted his resignation letter just past a year into his three-year term.

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Erie County lawmakers have approved the selection of Mark Carney as a new commissioner for the Erie County Water Authority. All voted in favor but one lawmaker who wanted instead to put the process on hold.

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The chairman of the Erie County Legislature's Government Affairs Committee was hoping to hear directly from ECWA leaders Thursday and provide answers to questions including what some deem a "golden parachute" in the contract of its executive director. ECWA leaders, citing a "scheduling conflict," did not show up for Thursday's committee meeting.

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After dealing with nearly 1,500 leaks in its system in 2015, the Erie County Water Authority decided to get serious. It has made progress, but much more needs to be done.

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Golden parachutes for political appointees would be banned under legislation proposed by Assemblymember Monica Wallace.

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Remember that Erie County Water Authority leak at its Sturgeon Point treatment plant last August, which left the Southtowns with severe water problems? The final touches on the repair were finally done last week.

Erie County Water Authority

The Erie County Water Authority is issuing a warning to its customers.

Southtowns water restrictions lifted

Aug 14, 2017
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The Erie County Water Authority has lifted the temporary water restrictions for the Southtowns they put in place while repairing a major water main break at their Sturgeon Point treatment plant, calling it the most difficult repair in the ECWA's 68-year history.

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The Erie County Water Authority is extending the temporary water restrictions in the Southtowns until at least Aug. 17, due to "unforeseen complications" while repairing the water main break at its Sturgeon Point Treatment Plant.

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The recent rash of water main breaks has elected officials calling for a closer look at the Erie County Water Authority. 

A new set of water main problems have occurred in Erie County.

Erie County Department of Environment and Planning

Erie County's Environment and Planning Department is looking at running a bike path along Route 5 in the front of the old Bethlehem Steel plant site. The first phase would be from the city line with Buffalo to Smokes Creek.

The Erie County Water Authority is raising water rates, increasing the quarterly infrastructure charge and planning to borrow money to pay for a much-expanded capital spending plan.

Officials with the Erie County Water Authority are pleased with an announcement from State officials indicating New York's new budget includes $200-million dollars for communities interested in upgrading frail water infrastructures.

Audit will review Erie County Water Authority

Sep 25, 2012

The Erie County Water Authority is taking center stage in the race for county comptroller. 

Monday,  Democratic County Comptroller David Shenk said his office will conduct an audit of the authority.

Shenk's Republican opponent, Stefan Mychajilw, held a news conference Sunday where he blamed Shenk for failing to catch two recent water authority hires that appeared to be patronage jobs. 

"Keep in mind, I'm not doing this because of the political issue. I'm doing it because it's long overdue," Shenk told WBFO and AM970 News.

The Poloncarz Administration is washing its hands of the Erie County Water Authority's decision to hire the county executive's brother.

According to the Buffalo News, Robb Poloncarz is working for the authority as a contract monitor at a salary of $55,000 a year.

A spokesman maintains Robb Poloncarz met the job's qualifications was hired based on his merits."

A water authority official says the state will schedule an exam to fill the position on a permanent basis.

The heat continues to take its toll in Western New York, but as residents seek relief, the pressure builds on the infrastructure transporting fresh water across the region.

Town of Tonawanda Water Services Director Ken Maving knows this very well, still cleaning up behind a very visible pipe leak on Sheridan Drive a week-and-a-half ago.

That 16-inch line wasn't on the long-term replacement list.

He admits the town water system is being pushed because of demand but there is plenty of capacity and the system is holding up pretty well.