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A new partner in New York City is joining the local effort to combat zombie properties in Erie County.

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Unkempt houses are not uncommon locally, especially those known as zombie homes. Williamsville is tired of one in particular and will be in court to ask a judge to let the South Long Street house be knocked down.

State officials say an effort to address a rash of abandoned, vacant homes across New York has successfully rehabilitated 1,600 properties. The homes were repaired by local community agencies known as "land banks."

A new law will crack down on '"zombie houses."  Governor Andrew Cuomo signed the law this past week. It  now means new requirements for mortgage lenders. They must maintain abandoned houses before foreclosure.

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Residents of one Buffalo neighborhood can now see a sign planted in front of a house that has been sitting idly since a bank began foreclosure proceedings in 2010. That sign represents the first of many that activists plan to place in a "shame campaign" against the banks that hold foreclosed houses in limbo.

Higgins bill presses banks to move on foreclosed houses

Jul 22, 2015
Michael Mroziak, WBFO

Congressman Brian Higgins announced proposed legislation on Tuesday which aims to cut down on the length of time a foreclosed or abandoned property lingers until it is finally sold. It's a bill supporters say protects families who cannot afford to keep those homes, as well as protects property values for neighbors.

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For many taxpayers across New York State, the worst nuisances on their blocks are the decaying buildings which no one appears to own. The  buildings are often referred to as "Zombie houses."

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State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman is urging the senate and  assembly to pass legislation that would require banks to maintain properties if they're abandoned during foreclosure.  He claims so-called "zombie properties" threaten communities across the state.

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HSBC Bank is being sued by State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, who says he has found hundreds of local homeowners have been kept from negotiating an alternative to foreclosure.

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