Hepatitis A

Erie County legislators will be asked Thursday to make some budget transfers to cover costs from the Hepatitis A rush vaccinations in February. Covering the costs of staff and vaccines meant a county Health Department account is $74,000 over budget, with half a year to go.

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Erie County is bringing in large quantities of the Hepatitis A vaccine, in the wake of discovering a client of the Buffalo City Mission has been diagnosed with the disease.

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A food service worker employed at two Erie County establishments has a confirmed case of Hepatitis A and may have infected others.

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The owner of Casa di Pizza in the Elmwood Village said he knew a server was ill but didn't know he was infected with Hepatitis A.

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The Erie County Health Department says up to 2,000 people should visit a special clinic at the Buffalo Niagara Convention Center Monday or Tuesday because they ate at Casa di Pizza. A server there has been found to have Hepatitis A.