ice wine

This weekend marked the start of the 21st annual Ice Wine Festival across Ontario’s Niagara region. The festival comes after a winter that began with unseasonably warm temperatures.

Photo from Leonard Oakes Estate

The bitter cold January temperatures are ideal for harvesting grapes for ice wine. But it demands that grape pickers head out to the vineyards in the coldest weather.  Wednesday morning, they gathered nearly   grapes from an Orleans County field.   WBFO'S Jay Moran spoke with Jonathan Oakes, winemaker for Leonard Oakes Estate Winery

Ice wine in the making

Jan 22, 2013

Harvesting grapes for ice wine demands that pickers await the coldest weather before taking to the vineyards. With that standard in view, a mostly volunteer crew of 15 assembled before dawn this morning to begin gathering nearly four tons of grapes from an Orleans County field.