It's income tax season, both to gather the paperwork or e-file that tax return. On this week's edition of You & The Law, attorney Derek Wheeler talks about that paperwork and offers some advice to avoid tax scams.

Witnesses in a legal case don't always talk about what happened just during a trial. On this week's You & The Law, attorney William Lorenz Jr. talks about examining a potential witness in a pre-trial deposition.

Washington and Albany have changed some of the rules on estates and people can decide to give away more of their assets.

Everyone who purchases a home remembers worrying about the mortgage, worrying about the closing date and worrying about all the checks to be written to pay for the whole process. On this week's edition of You & The Law, attorney John Delmonte says it's getting even more complicated.

Erie County District Attorney's Office

District attorneys are often pictured in TV and movies prosecuting violent criminals, but a significant aspect of their jobs is taking on less infamous “white collar” crime. New York State’s Crimes Against Revenue Program is once again helping to fund this critical task by providing more than $14 million to district attorneys across the state.

There's been big change in the financial piece of many divorces.

Not all people go into their weddings blinded by romance and love.

You & The Law: Mesothelioma

Dec 25, 2015

Across this region over the years, a lot of workers and their families...and others...have been exposed to asbestos and face the twin-lethal risks of lung cancer and mesothelioma.

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Senator Charles Schumer is pushing for a new legislation that will fight terrorists use of social media to recruit, raise money and inspire attacks.

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West Virginia University's governing board has responded to a wrongful death lawsuit brought by the family of Williamsville native Nolan Burch.

If you want to sue after an auto accident, it can get complicated very fast. On this week's edition of You & The Law, attorney Howard Cohen talks about the knowledge a lawyer brings to the table when talking about a possible lawsuit.

For those who live far away from their parents in Western New York, the holiday season can be painful as they return home and see parents who are showing the wear of time.

Local fans of online daily fantasy sports websites are on the sidelines, following a State Supreme Court judge's ruling to block such sites from doing business within New York State.

Most people have their lives somewhere in their computers, whether it's personal messages, pictures of relatives or messages from the pension fund. On this week's edition of You & The Law, Surrogate Judge Barbara Howe says there is a problem if something changes.

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Every day, an increasing number of new Americans from nations and geographic areas and language groups walk into the court buildings in downtown Buffalo and come to grips with the legal system, often from countries with no functioning legal system or one which they say can't be trusted.

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Increasingly, the people coming into our courts reflect the changing face of America and of Western New York. They include people from across the world, some of whom speak languages which don't even exist in a written form but are in our community and in our schools.

Bankruptcy started as a way for a person to re-start financially, to erase debts.

Many people worry about the cost of nursing home care through Medicaid costing them their house.

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Approximately 20 states and the District of Columbia have joined a coalition that urges the Supreme Court to protect workers' rights to organize.

Often when a marriage or a relationship is falling apart, there is some form of domestic violence.

It's that time of year to oil the snowblower and grease the snow shovel and buy that bag of sidewalk salt.

U.S. Senator Charles Schumer
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While many will be out dressed as zombies for Halloween, Senator Charles Schumer is fighting the threat posed by "zombie debt".

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It's a legal term which can scare business people...reasonable accomodation.

Matthre Crehan Higgins / Pride Center of Western New York

Fear of discrimination is an everyday reality in the lives of transgender individuals. The question of whether or not the state Senate will help alleviate that fear with a vote on protection for the rights of transgender individuals remains to be seen.

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(Q) Can a police officer stop you on the street and ask for identification?

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For many who are no longer able to work, Social Security Disability seems to offer a lifeline.

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High tech is becoming a key part of legal fights over auto accidents in a very high-tech world.

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Do you That's what we're talking about on this week's You & The Law, the right of publicity for someone who is famous or prominent. Attorney Leslie Mark Greenbaum talks about the rights of someone living or dead to sell themselves for commercial purposes.

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New York has become the second state in the U.S. to have mandated college campus policies that require clear consent before sexual intercourse.

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Some times, a student or a family wants to go to public school someplace besides where they live.