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Buffalo police are issuing a lot of speeding tickets after Common Council members complained there wasn't enough being done to nail speeders and those who run stop signs.

Ice Creamcycle Dude

Imagine being a kid on a sweltering summer day. Some friends have just bought an ice cream bar or cone from a bicycle vendor, but you don’t have a penny in your pocket.

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People did something very different in Niagara Square Tuesday night—they put away their cell phones and talked to each other. The idea was to work on solving problems through conversations after a recent spate of national violence.

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When it comes to Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s Buffalo Billion initiative, SolarCity isn’t the only project experiencing problems. State officials had high hopes for a much smaller initiative—a visual effects training program at Daemen College, in partnership with a company promising to create new jobs in the fledgling industry in Buffalo.

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The Buffalo Police Department's new plan for improving communication with the city's growing ethnic population has been recognized in a national report.

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It's called the first non-casino related development of its scale to happen in Niagara Falls in four decades. Governor Andrew Cuomo was among the dignitaries who broke ground at a future hotel site, celebrating a project that is finally moving forward after four years.

Pockets of radioactive waste have been identified at mostly- residential locations in Niagara County and on Grand Island. Dan Telvock, who recently reported on the story for Investigative Post.org, shared details during WBFO's Press Pass.

There will be no public speakers, rather a memorial service will be held in Niagara Square from 5 p.m.-6 p.m. as an opportunity for people to meet each other, talk with each other, listen to each other, and heal together - regardless of race, creed, color, orientation or politics.

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With a large bronze bust of Martin Luther King Junior as a backdrop, plans for a Unity Bike Ride in Buffalo were announced Monday. Organizers said the ride is in response to the recent violence across the nation. 

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The Buffalo Planning Board Monday cleared the way for a $5 million major medical office building just off Niagara Street on the West Side. However, a well-known developer is concerned it might interfere with his plans just across Seventh Street.

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Another development fight is evolving, this time over a proposed site at Elmwood and Forest. Supporters and opponents packed a public meeting Monday night at Buffalo Seminary.

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A more-than-century-old campground in Western New York that serves thousands of children living with disabilities or serious economic disadvantage is celebrating the completion of the first phase of a planned expansion.

The heat is on again in WNY by midweek

Jul 11, 2016

After parts of Western New York enjoyed a weekend that included comfortable breezes and even a brief burst of rain, hot and humid weather is heading back into the region.

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A primary appears to be shaping up for the seat being vacated by State Senator Marc Panepinto. Attorney Kevin Stocker announced plans on Monday to challenge fellow Republican Chris Jacobs in the race.

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It was one of those perfect summer days Sunday, with lots of blue skies, a breeze and lots of hot and cold food along Delaware Avenue and around Niagara Square, as the Taste of Buffalo finished another run.

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Members of Buffalo's African American community are speaking out against the violence in other cities involving blacks and police officers. There is a big concern about the city's youth and some members of Buffalo's community say it should not be a black versus white issue.

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Governor Cuomo’s administration is facing greater scrutiny over handling of the Hoosick Falls water crisis. In recent days a Congressional committee opened an inquiry and both the state Assembly and Senate will hold hearings.

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Imagine sauntering down Niagara Street not far from City Hall and spotting your face smiling down from a giant billboard.

Niagara Parks Police Service

Niagara Parks Police Sunday last night responded to a 911 call for two stranded hikers in the Niagara Gorge, north of the Rainbow Bridge. The two men had reportedly entered the gorge at 8:30 p.m. by climbing over the retaining wall in the area of Hiram Street in Niagara Falls, ON and made their way down into the gorge. 

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A group of local ministers held a vigil Sunday afternoon at Mount Olive Baptist Church on East Delavan. The event focused on last week's violence in which two black men were shot by police officers and  five police officers in Dallas were shot and killed.

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It's Taste of Buffalo weekend. This year's 33rd annual festival continues Sunday through 7pm. Sixty-two restaurants and food trucks are taking part.

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A civil war that began in the late 1980's drove Somalis and Bantus from their home in Africa.

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This weekend the Taste of Buffalo takes over the downtown region.

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A cross-state motorcycle ride brought Governor Andrew Cuomo to Buffalo on Friday.


All gasoline is not created equal, according to a new study by AAA. Researchers say TOP TIER, a brand of detergent-based gasoline designed to improve vehicles’ performance, helps cars run better and more efficiently.

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Citizens gathered for a Black Lives Matter rally at MLK Park in Buffalo late Friday afternoon. 

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Following a prayer vigil and call for peace in Buffalo's City Hall Friday afternoon, police officials confirmed that investigators are probing "credible threats" of harm to members of law enforcement.

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Whether it was local elected officials, leaders in the faith community, retired law enforcers or other everyday people, Western New Yorkers reacting to this week's events in Baton Rouge, suburban Minneapolis-St. Paul and Dallas are calling for renewed conversation and respect. 

'Rock snot' found for 1st time in WNY

Jul 8, 2016
Tim Daley / Department of Environmental Protection

An obnoxious type of algae known as "rock snot" has been confirmed in a popular trout stream in Western New York.

Taste of Buffalo

National media outlets are taking an interest in this weekend's Taste of Buffalo. Drawing attention is a contest where a group of competitive eaters will gather on the steps of City Hall to devour vast quantities of kale.