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The results of the U.K. election are in, revealing a stunning setback for the ruling Conservative party. The group has now lost its overall majority in Parliament. Prime Minister Theresa May had called for this snap election back in April, hoping to get a stronger majority of Conservative lawmakers. At the time, they had 330 out of 650 seats in the House of Commons.

06/09/2017: 'An act of political self-harm'

Jun 9, 2017

Theresa May's call for a snap election in the U.K. has not gone as planned. Britain's ruling Conservative party no longer has a majority in Parliament, so now members will have to seek political partners to get work done. We'll chat with the BBC's Kevin Connolly about what this means for Brexit negotiations. Afterwards, we'll look at how would public-private partnerships work under Trump's plan for new infrastructure.

There was varying reactions, much of it along party lines, to the testimony of former FBI Director James Comey in Washington on Thursday.

Updated at 7:28 p.m. ET

Former FBI director James Comey may have done more damage to Attorney General Jeff Sessions on Thursday than even President Trump, whom Comey publicly accused of waving him off part of the Russia investigation.

Comey said he expected Sessions to recuse himself from the Russia investigation weeks before he did because of reasons that are classified. That does not comport with Sessions rationale when he announced his recusal in early March.

Expect to see more foreign investment in US infrastructure

Jun 9, 2017
Tom Scheck, APM Reports

President Trump has spent the whole week talking about his infrastructure plan. Lots of countries build their roads and bridges with money from overseas — including Australia, Canada and many countries in Europe. It’s been less common in the U.S., though Saudi Arabia recently pledged $20 billion for American projects. Marketplace has partnered with the investigative team at APM Reports to track infrastructure spending.

New York City’s pension funds announced they’re selling $48 million in stocks and bonds invested in three private prison companies. It’s the first group to publicly divest from that industry, and cited recent reports of inmate deaths, as well as concerns of overcrowding and understaffing. Private prisons are expected to grow under President Trump. That’s due to his plans to detain and deport more people living in the U.S.

Last month, France elected pro-business political newcomer Emmanuel Macron as president, but the French aren’t done voting. The country’s parliamentary elections kick off Sunday, and the president’s new centrist party is expected to win a large majority. If that happens, Macron could have the support he needs to reform France’s strong labor protection laws, which many blame for high unemployment and other economic problems.

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Will you be paying more for sugar this year?

Jun 9, 2017
Jana Kasperkevic

The 45th president of the United States loves talking about trade, but talking is not all that Donald Trump is doing.


There's a new phone coming out that's been created by a familiar face. Andy Rubin, the creator of Android, is launching what's called Essential Phone. He joined us to talk about his target market and the challenge's he's faced trying to introduce a new product to the market. Afterwards, we'll cap off the week by playing Silicon Tally with Alex Fitzpatrick, lifestyle editor at Time Magazine. 

Trump's Lawyer Fires Back After Comey Testimony

Jun 8, 2017

Updated at 3:35 p.m ET

President Trump's outside lawyer flatly denied that the president ever asked former FBI Director James Comey for a pledge of loyalty, and he accused Comey of disclosing privileged communications with the president to the news media, without authorization.

Trump's barbed condolences land with a thud in Iran

Jun 8, 2017

The lights will go dark on the Eiffel Tower tonight as a tribute to the victims of Wednesday's terrorist attack in Tehran. 

Still, many Iranians say they're not feeling the sort of outpouring of support and sympathy that usually follows an ISIS assault. 

"Honestly, I didn't expect the people of the world to be so quiet about it," says Tehran resident Roya Saadat. "My friends on Facebook, they felt sorry, but we saw on social media that some countries, especially Arab countries, were happy about it." 

Juanes has a new album out. It's called "Mis Planes Son Amarte." And in my humble opinion, it stands out for several reasons.

First, it’s really good. Juanes made the album with help from some young hip-hop producers from his hometown of Medellín, Colombia. And that collaboration helps many of the songs sound both edgy and rooted in Colombian musical tradition at the same time. You can hear that mix on “El Ratico,” featuring Colombian American singer Kali Uchis.

Updated at 5:06 p.m. ET

Former FBI Director James Comey told the Senate Intelligence Committee that he believed he was fired by President Trump over the growing Russia investigation and that other arguments by the White House were "lies, plain and simple."

Nordstrom's stock jumped today after the company said a group of Nordstrom family members is considering taking the company private. Like all department stores, Nordstrom has been battling a decline in shopping mall traffic and competition from online retailers. The company reported weaker-than-expected sales last month and warned of a sluggish year ahead. Among other benefits, going private would give the company a break from those pesky quarterly announcements.

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Aaron Schrank

It’s a warm Thursday afternoon at the Glendale Galleria northeast of Los Angeles, and the mall is packed.

“We see more visitors than Disneyland,” said General Manager Brent Gardner.

An estimated 18 million people visited Disneyland last year. Gardner said the Galleria brought in 30 million.

As online shopping surges and traditional mall retailers close thousands of stores, some malls are going away. Up to a quarter of the country’s roughly 1,200 shopping malls will close within the next five years, according to a report out last week from Credit Suisse.

Under consideration in the House of Representatives today: a big Republican platform item. Specifically, the rollback of Dodd-Frank financial regulations. This comes in the form of a bill called the Financial Choice Act. Here’s what’s in the bill and what could become law.

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Stephen Koranda

Kansas lawmakers have made a big reversal on taxes. They voted to end a five-year experiment with income tax cuts. They had to take the unusual step of overriding Republican Gov. Sam Brownback’s veto to get some of those taxes back on the books.

The cuts were passed with a promise of economic growth, but after wrestling with budget deficits, a majority of lawmakers decided they’ve had enough.

In Europe, signs of economic recovery

Jun 8, 2017

These past few years have been rough for the European economy. The Greek debt crisis; shaky banks in Italy; widespread unemployment in Spain. Now, though, there are signs that things are picking up. The European Central Bank, which frames economic policy for the eurozone — the 19 countries that use the euro as their currency — today raised its growth forecast for the zone and signaled that some stimulus measures, like low interest rates, won't be needed forever.

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Susan Walsh / AP

Former FBI Director James Comey is testifying before the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence Thursday, speaking publicly for the first time since he was fired by President Trump nearly a month ago. The Senate Committee is looking into the circumstances around Comey's dismissal and how they relate to the FBI investigation of Russian interference in the U.S. Election. The White House has given conflicting messages about the reasons for Comey's firing. Sources close to Comey say the President told Comey to shut down the Russia investigation. That's a charge that the White House denies.

Jana Kasperkevic

Forget the new iMac. The must-have Apple item this week is a pair of vintage Apple sneakers.

06/08/2017: The consequences of political uncertainty

Jun 8, 2017

There's an economy-wide cost of not knowing where federal policies are going. Economist Diane Swonk joins us to discuss how uncertainty about Washington has translated into real-world consequences, like a slow down in hiring within the health sector. Afterwards, we'll chat with Marketplace's Molly Wood about how company founders can influence an entire business's workplace culture, and what startups are trying to do to make the office environment a positive one. 

Cashing in on the Comey testimony buzz

Jun 8, 2017
Andy Uhler

The networks had countdown clocks, television ads were bought and sold and some bars even opened early, offering food and drink specials.

Former FBI director, James Comey, who was fired by President Trump last month, is testifying in front of a Senate investigation panel and there’s no shortage of capitalization on the hype surrounding his appearance. 

The former director of the FBI is expected to tell Congress that the president of the United States asked him to lay off an investigation to protect a disgraced former national security adviser.

Or as it's known inside Washington: "Thursday."

James Comey's appearance before the Senate Intelligence Committee is unlike any event on Capitol Hill in recent years — anticipated for weeks, the subject of huge national scrutiny and scheduled for wall-to-wall news coverage.

Seventy countries agreed last year on a strategy to offset international airline emissions. Despite the U.S. withdrawing from the Paris climate change accord, U.S. airlines plan to remain in their industry's global agreement, in part because abiding by different regulations in different countries could be complicated and expensive.

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How a workplace's culture can begin with just one person

Jun 8, 2017
David Brancaccio

There's news that Uber has fired its president of business in Asia after allegations he sought the medical records of a woman raped by an Uber driver in India three years ago. This comes just days after Uber terminated 20 people amid twin investigations into the $70 billion company's aggressive — some say abusive — culture.

Culture is a big part of how tech companies operate, which founder-centric structures can strongly influence. 

06/08/2017: Helping veterans find jobs in tech

Jun 8, 2017

Google and Apple are implementing new tools in their browsers that would block certain ads, like videos that automatically play with the sound on. On today's show, we'll chat about the move with analyst Brian Wieser, who argues this could make advertisers develop ads that are lot more friendly for users. Afterwards, we'll hear from Ardine Williams, a VP of talent acquisition for Amazon Web Services, about the difficulties veterans face when trying to find a job and Amazon's efforts to help them. 


With Former FBI Director James Comey set to testify on Capitol Hill this morning, we'll discuss what's at stake for U.S. markets and business interests. Next up, we'll look at a new financial rule that'll raise the standards for investment advisers, and then talk about why major U.S. airlines have agreed to stay in a global agreement to reduce carbon emissions.

Amazon is helping veterans find jobs in cloud computing

Jun 8, 2017
Molly Wood and Clare Toeniskoetter

You’ve probably heard by now: the tech industry is in need of talent. Some companies are looking to veterans of the military to fill those roles.

Amazon has partnered with the Department of Labor, creating the Amazon Veterans Apprenticeship Program.  Veterans enrolled in the 16-week program train for positions in cloud computing.

Updated at 6:28 p.m. ET

Former FBI Director James Comey will testify before the Senate Intelligence Committee on Thursday that President Trump did ask him for "loyalty" at a January dinner and later told him alone in the Oval Office that he "hope[d] you can let" the investigation into former national security director Michael Flynn "go."

How money from Eric Trump's cancer charity flowed back to the Trump Organization

Jun 7, 2017
Kai Ryssdal, Bridget Bodnar and Sean McHenry

It's a story about money, power and good intentions gone awry. It's also the story of a charity and a golf course. The Eric Trump Foundation, a charity set up by the second Trump son, raised money for cancer research at St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee, a lot of it through an annual golf invitational at the Trump National Golf Club in Westchester County, New York.