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Mayor Paul Dyster says Niagara Falls' years of effort in economic development is showing up across his city. That was the central theme of his State of the City message Thursday evening.

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For the second time in the lifetimes of many, the American side of Niagara Falls could be turned off.

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A Niagara Falls man has been charged with theft and insurance fraud by New York authorities in a worker's compensation case.

A Niagara Falls man is under arrest on arson charges in connection with a rooming house fire that left 20 people homeless.

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A Niagara County-based state Senator would like to change the plan by which New York State and local entities including the City of Niagara Falls split revenue from the Seneca Niagara Casino.

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Niagara Falls Police are teaming with the New York State Humane Association in searching for the killer of a puppy.

Marketing efforts that some have as described as more intense and strategic are being partially credited for a banner tourism season in Niagara Falls.

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One of the oldest structures in our region is being carefully dismantled so that it can be rebuilt in a more accessible place. The Old Stone Chimney in Niagara Falls dates to the French and Indian War. Buffalo Spree editor Elizabeth Licata talks about this landmark in our Press Pass conversation with WBFO's Mark Scott.

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For the first time in four decades, Niagara Falls has a third-term mayor. Paul Dyster believes his re-election shows the city is on the right course.

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In just two days, the new part-goat, part-man mascot of the Niagara Falls recycling program has become an internet sensation. Its name: “Totes McGoats.”

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It has been a good tourism year for Niagara Falls, New York. Now, there are some changes in the works on that decades-long quest to keep people for more hours and more days.

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A giant new Niagara Falls paper and cardboard manufacturing complex is buying its own fire-fighting equipment in the wake of two fires.

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There is now a rough cost and time schedule for removal of a major section of the Robert Moses Parkway in Niagara Falls. The price tag for the project is estimated to be $34 million.

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Niagara Falls Mayor Paul Dyster has a slightly more than 70 vote lead over his opponent in the democratic primary for mayor with the absentee ballots yet to be counted. Despite the close race, WBFO's Mike Desmond reports Dyster is already looking toward the November general election.

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For one section of Niagara Falls, the building a new home for an industrial plant is more than a story about jobs.

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The Niagara Falls City Council is holding a special meeting Thursday to vote on replacing a water pipe that's been causing plenty of headaches for the city and dozens of residents.

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With a lot of financial help from the state and State Power Authority treasury, Tulip Molded Plastics in Niagara Falls is apparently going to get a new plant. The move is expected to save more than 80 jobs.

Hotel projects don't create living wage jobs. That is the message being sent to the Niagara County Industrial Development Agency by labor and community groups. 

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Critics say a task force to investigate odors in downtown Niagara Falls is an election year stunt by Mayor Paul Dyster.

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Plans for turning a former Army Reserve Center in Niagara Falls into Western New York’s emergency management hub are inching closer to success. After securing half a million dollars for the hub in the 2015-2016 state budget, State Senator Rob Ortt has organized a steering committee to help determine the site’s future.

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A two-car accident in Niagara Falls has caused significant injuries to three people.

According to a former council member who is running for Mayor of Niagara Falls, the city is on the verge insolvency.

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Emergency rescue personnel were called to the Niagara Gorge last night to rescue an injured hiker.

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Niagara Falls streets are improving, using a little money and some new machines.

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The body of a dismembered woman was found Tuesday night in a house in Niagara Falls. 

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More folks are visiting Niagara Falls and other parts of Niagara County.

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The effort to draw more tourists and increase their stay is getting a boost from Washington. Rep. Brian Higgins announced a $300,000 grant from the Department of the Interior for the Niagara Falls National Heritage Area on Monday.

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A city planner is reviewing options for 1,800 acres of vacant, contaminated land in Niagara Falls. The Buffalo Avenue Corridor was once the heart of the city's industry.

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Just in time for the start of the summer travel season some detour signs are coming down in Niagara Falls. The new roundabout at the intersection of the Robert Moses Parkway and John Daly Boulevard is opening to traffic today.