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Mayor Byron Brown says he was not trying to prevent a candidate from running against Buffalo developer Carl Paladino for a city school board seat.  WBFO'S Eileen Buckley says Mayor Brown told reporters Sunday's Buffalo News article was "nonsense".

Governor Andrew Cuomo is denying a published report that his administration is attempting to oust State Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver. 

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Though he has yet to officially announce his candidacy in Buffalo's mayoral race, Bernie Tolbert is generating waves of reaction on the local political scene. 

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The Buffalo News is reporting that Mayor Byron Brown is expected to officially launched his reelection bid for a third term this weekend.

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Governor Andrew Cuomo and legislative leaders say they have an agreement on a new state budget.  The closed-door agreement announced Wednesday night puts Albany on track to pass the third straight on-time budget. 

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The Buffalo News has conducted its annual leadership survey.  It's not a scientific, random survey , but instead the results come from a cross-section of business, political, religious and community leaders. 

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Washington may be claiming Erie County misspent tens of millions of dollars in cleaning up the 2006 October Surprise storm, and suggesting the money should be sent back, but Erie County Executive Poloncarz is saying the inspector general of the Homeland Security Department doesn't know how to do an audit.

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Legislative leaders, after three separate meetings with the governor said they were “hopeful” that a final agreement could come before the weekend.  But Governor Cuomo late in the day said talks are “inconclusive”, and he expects negotiations to continue over Saturday and Sunday.

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A new Siena College poll finds a slight drop in Governor Cuomo’s popularity for the third month in a row. 

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Mayor Byron Brown has a hefty war chest as he prepares to launch his campaign for a third term. But that's not stopping a couple of challengers from entering this year's mayoral race.

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This year's race for City Hall could be heating up in coming days. There is also a new battle brewing inside City Hall. Those are the topics on WBFO'S Press Pass conversation with Chris Jamele and Artvoice editor Geoff Kelly. 

Harvey Rosenthal
New York Association of Psychiatric Rehabilitation Services

Second amendment rights advocates, who have held rallies in Albany recently, are not the only group upset with portions of the state’s recently enacted gun law.  Some people with mental illnesses believe the law unfairly stigmatizes them.

Governor Andrew Cuomo says he is unlikely to send an emergency message to allow state lawmakers to bypass a three-day waiting period for the state budget.

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The first phase of what is likely to be a long fight over a proposed scrap metal recycling operation near Hertel and Military ended Tuesday when the Buffalo Common Council voted against it.  WBFO'S Mike Desmond reports the issue is now off to the courts.

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Changes could be on the way for the traveling public both in the air and on the ground if the $85 billion worth of spending cuts take effect as planned.  

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Rep. Chris Collins says sequestration will, and should, go into effect on March 1. 

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First it was the fiscal cliff -- now the buzz word is sequestration.  Congress and the President are working against a March First deadline to stop the sequester.

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As Erie County Democrats search for a candidate for sheriff, a retired sergeant is tossing his hat into the ring.

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During a stop in Buffalo Thursday to help sell his 2013-2014 budget proposal  Governor Andrew Cuomo praised state lawmakers who voted for the SAFE Act.  Cuomo said it was a very tough vote for politicians - because powerful gun advocacy groups opposed it.  With more here's WBFO's Chris Caya. 

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Albany power politics used to be three men in a room, but now Governor Andrew Cuomo is accused of rushing to approve new laws. In this week's Press Pass we welcome Investigative Post editor Jim Heaney.  Heaney discuss the Governor's power grab with WBFO's Eileen Buckley, as well as the upcoming reelection campaign of Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown.

There's apparently another political shakeup underway at the Erie County Water Authority.  Membership among the three-people on the authority board tends to reflect the political mix in the county.

President Barack Obama delivered his State of the Union Address Tuesday night to the nation.  But republicans are not completely embracing his proposals. 

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A republican has declared his candidacy for Mayor of Buffalo. Sergio Rodriguez kicked off his campaign in Niagara Square Wednesday afternoon. Rodriguez is a 32-year-old, single, former Marine, born in Santiago. After launching his campaign, Rodriguez visited our studios to talk with WBFO's Eileen Buckley about why he is running for mayor.  

Governor Andrew Cuomo says he does not want to see his casino proposal "politicized" by the State Legislature. 

County democrats find new home

Jan 29, 2013
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The Erie County Democratic Party is moving its' headquarters from the Ellicott Square building to the Larkin district effective in March of this year. 

Mayors from around the state came to complain about Governor Cuomo’s budget, as the first day of legislative hearings on the spending plan kicked off in Albany.

The State Assembly's top Republican is giving good grades to Governor Andrew Cuomo's proposed budget for the coming year.

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New York State Assemblyman Sean Ryan of Buffalo says the state's new gun law is necessary.  Ryan is a  hunter and showed off his shotgun to reporters at a news conference in downtown Buffalo Wednesday.

Governor Andrew Cuomo doesn't want any more casinos in Western New York and is apparently trying to make peace with the Seneca Nation of Indians.

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Mayor Byron Brown held a fundraiser Thursday night in Buffalo. Brown has not launched his re-election campaign, but the fundraiser is an indication that he is gearing up for another campaign.