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Buffalo, NY – Messages of encouragement, support and love are being compiled into a book for Michelle Obama. The Uncrowned Queens, based at the University at Buffalo, has received well wishes from across the globe for the soon to be First Lady.

Buffalo, NY – Governor David Paterson will have more than a month to choose a successor to Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton. Her office announced Monday that she will not resign her Senate seat until she is confirmed as Secretary of State.

Paterson issued a statement saying he will not make his choice until the seat is actually empty.

Buffalo, NY – If Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton's is confirmed by the Senate as Secretary of State, it will be up to Governor David Paterson to name her replacement.

As we have reported over the past couple of weeks, Congressman Brian Higgins and Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown have already been mentioned as possible replacements. But Erie County Democratic Party Chairman Len Lenihan says there are other potential replacements the Governor could consider who represent downstate.

Buffalo, NY – Two Buffalo Democrats are being mentioned as possible replacements if U.S. Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton accepts a post with the Obama Administration. The names of both U.S. Congressman Brian Higgins and Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown have surfaced.

Buffalo, NY – A University at Buffalo sociology professor suggests that President-elect Barack Obama's role as the father of young daughters will influence the decisions he makes when he's in the White House.

Student Newspaper

Buffalo, NY – Young voters turned out in high numbers for last week's Presidential election. According to the tally, voters ages 18 to 29 exceeded the 2004 election. WBFO'S Eileen Buckley talked to a couple of students who voted in their first Presidential election.

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Buffalo, NY – The headline of the Buffalo News Wednesday said it all - HISTORY - in bold caps. But anyone who wanted to archive this piece of presidential history had to hit the paper stands early.

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Amherst, NY – The ten year Congressional career for Tom Reynolds of Clarence will come to a close this January. Once a very powerful Republican in Washington, Reynolds is now ready to retire.

A very relaxed Congressman Reynolds bounced from television to radio interviews Tuesday night. A much different scene from his re-election bid two years ago where he was whisked away from reporters refusing to answer any questions from the media after his win.

Mayor Byron Brown, file photo, WBFO news

Buffalo, NY – Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown says he and his son, Byron Jr. shared text messages as the Nation's first black President was elected Tuesday night.

Mayor Brown says he believes Obama painted a vision of hope and opportunity for the nation that voters responded to. He says Obama won a tremendous victory. But Brown says while it is an emotional and inspiring time for African Americans, he believes Obama win is far reaching.

Buffalo, NY – Republicans are hanging on to the House seat held by retiring Congressman Tom Reynolds. Businessman Chris Lee defeated Democratic Alice Kryzan in a bitter race in the 26th Congressional District. Republicans also celebrated some State Senate wins.

Buffalo, NY –

The Ellicott Square Building downtown erupted in cheers Tuesday night as local Democrats celebrated the historic win of the first African American president of the United States.

Buffalo, NY – Barack Obama will be the 44th President of the United States after an historic election that saw a huge voter turnout and a shift in power to the Democratic Party.

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Buffalo, NY – On the eve of one of the most historical election in U.S. history volunteers in Buffalo worked to get out the vote.

Buffalo, NY – The vast majority of incumbents seeking re-election to Congress or the State Legislature in Western New York are expected to win today. But there are a handful of competitive local races as well.

Buffalo, NY – After nearly two years, the long presidential race comes to a close today. Throughout the campaign, we've been touching base from time to time with U-B Political Science Professor James Campbell. He is a nationally-recognized analyst on presidential politics.

Buffalo, NY – U.S Senator Charles Schumer says as the Presidential race heads into the final hours, you can never get over confident. The democratic senator is a supporter of Barack Obama.

Senator Schumer says anything could happen on election night. That was his reaction when WBFO News asked him just how confident he is about a win for Obama tomorrow.

Buffalo, NY – Former Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton appeared with local democrats at a "get out the vote rally" in downtown Buffalo Wednesday. Clinton supporters crowded into the lobby of the Ellicott Square Building.

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Alice Kryzan

Buffalo, NY – The race for the 26th Congressional seat is in the final stretch. Democratic candidate Alice Kryzan is facing off against Republican Chris Lee. Thursday and Friday we are bringing you separate interviews on each of the candidates. This morning WBFO'S Eileen Buckley talks with Alice Kryzan.

Clarence, NY – The League of Women Voters of Buffalo Niagara is set to host a candidates' forum in Clarence Monday night. The forum will be held at the Clarence Town Hall at 7 p.m. It will feature the candidates running in the 26th Congressional District as well as the 61st State Senate race and the 142nd Assembly District.

Buffalo, NY – As election day nears, voter rights and voter fraud have become central themes of the presidential campaign. The third-party voter registration group ACORN is a primary Republican target. The group is accused of collecting thousands of fraudulent voter registrations. WBFO's talked with Terrance Flynn, the United States Attorney for the Western District of New York about whether voters here need to be concerned.

Buffalo, NY – Presidential candidates Barack Obama and John McCain meet in their second debate Tuesday night. It will be a town hall style event in Nashville, Tennessee.

The debate could be key for Senator McCain, who has seen his poll numbers drop in the last couple of weeks. James Campbell is a professor of Political Science at the University at Buffalo.

Buffalo, NY – A nationally-recognized political strategist will talk about political ads Wednesday night at Canisius College.

Joe Slade White began his political career working for the McGovern campaign for president in 1972. He has served as a media consultant to 27 campaigns through the years. Twenty-one of them resulted in victory.

Buffalo, NY – Buffalo High School students are being encouraged to register to vote for this fall's presidential election. UB, Buffalo Public Schools and Kids Voting Western New York are teaming up to find young eligible voters.

Kids Voting Western New York converged on 12 Buffalo Public Schools Thursday looking for teens old enough to vote. The voting registration effort kicked off at Hutch Tech High School.

Buffalo, NY – The race for the sprawling 26th Congressional District seat now centers on Republican Chris Lee and the surprise winner of Tuesday's Democratic primary, Alice Kryzan.

Lee announced his candidacy last spring. He has been running TV ads to keep his name before voters. But much of the attention was on the Democratic candidates who were running in Tuesday's primary. Now that Kryzan has won that contest, Lee says he's ready to step up his campaign.

Buffalo, NY – It's primary day in New York, and it's a busy one. There are a number of contested races today -- the biggest in the 26th congressional district.

Buffalo, NY – Republicans will likely focus on national security while Democrats will address economic issues in the presidential campaign, according to University of Buffalo Assistant Professor of Political Science Joshua Dyck.

"The Republican Party will talk about the economy, but they'll only talk about it in terms of tax cuts. Then, they'll switch and say that the most important issue in this election is national security... that's an issue they own, that they poll well on," Dyck said.

Buffalo, NY – GOP vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin is winning high praise from Republican delegates following a rousing speech to them Wednesday night at the party convention in Minnesota.

University at Buffalo Political Scientist Josh Dyck says Palin came out swinging, not only against Barack Obama, but against the media.

Buffalo, NY – Republican Vice Presidential Candidate Sarah Palin will be in the national spotlight Wednesday night as she accepts her party's nomination. A University at Buffalo political scientist says the speech will be an important one as she tries to introduce herself to the American people.

UB's James Campbell says John McCain's selection of the Alaskan governor as his running mate was a huge surprise. Campbell says it's hard to know how this will play out.

Buffalo, NY – Hurricane Gustav is playing havoc at the Republican National Convention in St. Paul, Minnesota. Out of respect to victims of the storm, most of Monday's convention activities were suspended. Now going into the convention, Erie County Executive Chris Collins was scheduled to deliver a four minute speech Tuesday night at the Republican National Convention.

Buffalo, NY – Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown is among the local democrats who traveled to Denver to attend the Democratic National Convention. Brown says he participated in round-table discussions as part of convention events.

Brown says the round table discussions included other U.S. Mayors. They discussed urban issues and needs of cities. Brown says it offered him a chance to bring forward some of the concerns of the Buffalo community.