Rasheed Wyatt

Sen. Chris Jacobs

North Buffalo's Shoshone Park will be getting a major indoor sports complex, pushed by $1 million state funds and more than $1 million in city money.

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For many residents of Buffalo, the NASCAR-like driving of too many motorists is a continuing aggravation or danger on residential streets. One summertime solution is speedhumps, but the city has only nine of them.

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Two Buffalo council members are arguing the city is putting so much money into its outdoor pools for two months use a year that maybe it is time to look at additional indoor pools that would useable year-round.

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Spectrum says its cable service is good and getting better. However, it was a different story at a City Hall meeting Monday evening, as some customers told the Common Council Finance Committee they worried about an expensive cable service getting more expensive.

Church of the Ascension

Conversion of a landmark church at North Street and Linwood Avenue in Buffalo to affordable housing for seniors moved closer Tuesday, as the Common Council approved the plan and sent it to Albany and Washington for final approvals.

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Not only is the renovated Parkside Candy a boost to business in Buffalo's University Heights, it is flanked by an experimental sign talking about the neighborhood.

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Shoshone Park in North Buffalo is getting some major dollar attention from City Hall and attention from the surrounding neighborhoods tied together by its grass, trees and pool.

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Will the public give the green light to red light cameras in Buffalo? The Common Council wants to know during a public hearing scheduled for 11 a.m. Thursday.

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Imagine keeping track of thousands of questions and requests for action to city agencies and city-affiliated agencies. It is routine for Buffalo's Common Council, but it now is setting up a new system to keep track of those queries.

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Members of the Buffalo Common Council are perusing through the nearly $500 million budget unveiled Monday by Mayor Byron Brown. On Thursday, they'll hear from city department heads and have also invited the public to speak.

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Buffalo's Common Council is cracking down on bad delis. If owners don't cooperate with residents, they might lose their city licenses.

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For the third year in a row, a bill is traveling through the New York legislature with the goal of creating a statewide single-payer healthcare system – more commonly known as ‘universal healthcare.’ Similar bills passed the state Assembly in 2015 and 2016, but failed to gain Senate approval. With the repeal of the Affordable Care Act on the horizon, advocates see this year’s attempt as more important than ever.

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For generations, there have been complaints around Western New York that minority and women businesses don't get their share of the pie, especially the construction pie. There's a meeting Wednesday afternoon to make some changes in that.

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The Buffalo Billion has given a giant boost to economic development around here, from renovations at Parkside Candy to the SolarCity plant in South Buffalo. Governor Cuomo is coming to town on Monday for the local version of his traveling State of the State message and is likely to announce Buffalo Billion Two.

Solar Liberty

State taxpayers may be putting $750 million into the SolarCity plant in South Buffalo, but Buffalo Common Councilmembers say the company is not trying very hard to hire city residents, especially city residents living around the plant.

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Common Council members have voted themselves an allowance for using their own cars on official business, saying they are out and about often and their costs are not paid.

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With increasing concern about street crime and school attendance, some Common Council members are once again considering daytime curfews in the City of Buffalo. 

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Members of the Common Council appear to be shifting to support of additional medical marijuana access.

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The push for a daytime curfew on Buffalo school days is slowing, with details still to be decided.

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Some believe a daytime city curfew for students 17 and under would improve Buffalo Public School attendance and reduce youth crime. The concept was discussed at a Monday meeting.

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"Vaping" is now banned in the same places tobacco smoking is banned in the City of Buffalo. The new law, passed by the Common Council on Tuesday, was quickly signed by Mayor Byron Brown.

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University District Common Council member Rasheed Wyatt told a Buffalo Common Council committee he still wants a daytime curfew for young people in the city when they should be in school. During a public hearing Monday Wyatt said details still need to be worked out.

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Buffalo has a strong network of community centers for young people, now open Monday through Friday. Common Council members are asking about opening on weekends.

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Community organizations gathered Friday to call on residents in Buffalo’s University District to work together to reduce violence in the city. The call comes after two teens were gunned down in the neighborhood Tuesday.

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A small crowd was on hand Thursday night as developers provided specifics on plans to transform the former Holy Angels Academy into space for the growing Charter School of Applied Technologies.

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Buffalo's University Heights community is grappling with a problem familiar to most city residents: What to do with a vacant landmark school right in the middle of a residential area?

Wyatt chosen for vacant Common Council seat

Jan 28, 2014
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A vacancy on Buffalo's Common Council was filled Tuesday when councilmembers selected Rasheed Wyatt to represent the city's University District.