When Daniel Greene joined his father, Robert, at the StoryCorps mobile tour booth in Buffalo, he said he wanted to hear more about the individuals who left an impression on his father’s life. One of those individuals was Robert F. Kennedy, who visited Notre Dame where Daniel’s father went to school. On this anniversary of Kennedy’s assassination, we hear how he impacted Robert Greene’s life.

When Leah Houghtaling became a mother, time seemed to fast-forward. Taking the time to think and reflect without interruption became challenging and it’s something she says she misses when life is busy. But Leah’s mother, Nancy Daniels, has always been there to talk with her and point out when something ordinary, or extraordinary, becomes a gift. The two did just that when they visited the StoryCorps mobile booth in Buffalo this past October. In our latest installment of the StoryCorps Buffalo series, Leah and Nancy talk about how adoption has been a gift to both of them.

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After a month in Buffalo recording the personal stories of Western New Yorker’s, the StoryCorp mobile team is back on the road and headed for their next tour stop. Before the team said goodbye, WBFO’s Avery Schneider sat down with Mobile Tour Site Manager Stacey Todd for a look back on the team’s visit to the Queen City.

StoryCorps Mobile Team

Jean West asked her wife, Donna Mattucci, to record “a record of two lives that lived through an amazing cultural transformation.” The couple often talk about how, as acceptance of same-sex couples becomes the norm, the truth of how they lived the first half of their lives will become unknown and, even, unfathomable.

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As StoryCorps continues its visit to Buffalo, some area college students are using it as a learning tool. WBFO's senior reporter talked to Villa Maria College students studying digital media to learn how the StoryCorps programming is influencing their studies.  

Habiba Mohamed was born in a refugee camp in Kenya to parents from Somalia. She nows lives in Buffalo and is excited to record her family's story at the StoryCorps Buffalo mobile tour stop. Mohamed was among a studio full of people who attended a special StoryCorps listening event Thursday night at WNED|WBFO.

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A traveling project that has collected tens of thousands of stories by everyday people has rolled into Buffalo. StoryCorps's mobile studio is now parked at Canalside and, for the next month, will be welcoming local people from all walks of life to share their stories.

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America’s largest oral history project has set up at Canalside and will transform the downtown waterfront into the region's storytelling capital over the next month.