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It is back to federal court for the Seneca Nation and New York State, this time over three miles of state Thruway running across the Cattaraugus Territory.

Seneca Nation sues over Thruway access

Apr 12, 2018
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Embroiled in a dispute over casino revenue and cigarette taxes, the Seneca Nation of Indians is adding another item to their list of grievances against New York State, claiming in a lawsuit that New York State Thruway access across the Seneca Nation land was  was never properly approved.


The State of New York has announced a $66.4 million plan to repair and upgrade a stretch of the Thruway in Erie County.

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Grand Island reviewed its proposed master plan Wednesday night, as it considers whether the more than two-decade-old plan will well serve in the future.

University at Buffalo School of Nursing

A truck driver from Saratoga County has pleaded guilty to killing an assistant professor of nursing at the University at Buffalo.

New York State Thruway Authority

One driver says he couldn't see anything in a snow whiteout, but could hear the bangs of a series of vehicles colliding on the New York State Thruway Tuesday afternoon - until it was his own truck. One person died and another is in critical condition in a chain-reaction crash that authorities say involved dozens of vehicles and closed eastbound lanes well into the night.

New York State Thruway Authority

High speed cashless tolling on the New York State Thruway could do more than help the environment. Removing toll barriers could also help boost economic development across the region. 

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New York State Governor's Office

Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Thursday opens the first span of the new Thruway bridge over the Hudson River, known as the Tappan Zee Bridge and to be renamed the Gov. Mario Cuomo Bridge. But questions still linger over how, ultimately, the bridge will be paid for.

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The Thruway Authority is being nudged by state auditors to develop a better plan to meet future costs.

New York State agencies are spending hundreds of millions of dollars to get rid of the toll booths on roads, bridges and tunnels around New York City, while increasing security. Local leaders say, if they can do it there, why not here?

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The victim in the deadly crash along the Thruway during yesterday's afternoon commute has been identified.

The New York Thruway Authority says bridge and highway tolls won't increase in 2016. 

NY DOT commissioner addresses storm preparedness

Sep 29, 2015
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The new commissioner of New York State's Department of Transportation says one can never prepare too early for a weather-related emergency. He was in Buffalo speaking to a room filled with transportation and emergency response officials, who are already looking ahead to the arrival of winter storms.

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Gov. Andrew Cuomo says the 132-mile section of the Thruway closed since Tuesday because of a massive lake-effect snow storm in western New York will reopen Friday afternoon with restrictions.  

Lake-effect snows hammer southtowns

Nov 18, 2014
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Heavy Lake Effect snows hammered areas south of Buffalo overnight. It has  been an extremely difficult Tuesday morning for some motorists who have been literally stranded on the Thruway.

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Given the severe weather that is moving in to the region, officials in charge of maintaining the region's highways are advising motorists to avoid all unnecessary travel.

Heavy snow making travel treacherous

Dec 11, 2013

A strong lake-effect storm is dumping snow on communities south of Buffalo and wreaking havoc on travel in the region.

New measures are being put in place to prevent Thruway crashes involving wrong-way drivers.

The last long weekend of the 2013 summer is upon us and it should be a busy one on highways across the region and the country.

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In a push to eliminate what some drivers call a commuter tax on local residents, Rep. Brian Higgins is leading a fight to eliminate a 15-cent Thruway toll just outside of Buffalo.

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A local member of the Native American community is warning of a possible demonstration against the governor's proposed casino in Western New York.

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Western New York's winter weather appears ready to live up to its severe reputation over the coming days. 

Snow may slow travel on busy holiday weekend

Dec 21, 2012
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With winter weather in the forecast and holiday traffic expected to be heavy, the State Thruway Authority is taking steps to keep the highway clear for drivers. 

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Under pressure from Governor Cuomo, the State Thruway Authority has backed off on plans for a 45-percent toll increase for trucks.

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The Thruway Authority's proposal for a 45 percent toll hike on large trucks drew very limited support Thursday night during a public hearing in the Buffalo and Erie County Public Library auditorium.

Thruway Authority Executive Director Thomas Madison says the  increased revenue is needed. He also says the trucks do far more damage to the roadway than do cars -- 10,000 times more damage.

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The New York State Thruway Authority is proposing a 45% toll hike for commercial traffic.  Many are already speaking out against it.

Governor Andrew Cuomo has defended the increase saying it is "needed" to deal with escalating maintenance costs.  Unshackle Upstate says the increase would hurt the trucking industry. 

The first of three public hearings will be held Thursday night in Buffalo.  One local leader is vowing a fight. 

"My position is very clear on the issue of increasing tolls. We are dead set against it," said State Senator Tim Kennedy of Buffalo. 

The New York State Thruway Authority begins hearings later this week on whether to impose a nearly 50 percent toll hike on trucks that use the toll highway.

Many who plan to attend the hearings will testify against the idea, saying it’s bad for business.

Business groups, along with the trucking industry, have objected, saying it would increase prices for every company that relies on trucks for shipping.

A coalition of business groups is opposing a proposed 45% toll hike for trucks on the New York State Thruway, saying it will have a “drastic” impact on manufacturing, farming, and many other industries.   

Unshackle Upstate is  a member of the coalition,  which argues that the toll hike for commercial vehicles with three or more axles will put the state’s tucking industry and all the businesses that use trucks to haul goods at a “competitive disadvantage”.

Day and night, Thruway crews and private contractors are out on the superhighway getting it ready for another winter of wear.

Repair work started early this year because construction season started early and the workers were out there early. Projects ranged from washing salt off road and bridges to getting that hot black top in the trucks to put down on the pavement.

The big project is between Hamburg and Silver Creek, the third year of work on a $91 million re-paving of the road.