Williamsville South

Former Williamsville South basketball coach Al Monaco is facing the first specific harassment allegation against him.

Buffalo Police officer Marvin Sanford claims that Monaco made repeated and demeaning statements about his son's weight. Monaco claims he doesn't recall ever making those remarks and that a meeting with Sanford was solely focused on the boy's playing time.

Another parent identified the younger Sanford as a team bully.

Monaco was recently removed from his post, though he is receiving strong public support.

Williamsville South High School has removed award-winning athletics coach Al Monaco.

Monaco led the school's basketball and golf teams. The News reports that public discontent over apparent favoritism by the coach for players he was  partial to led to public outcry. Supporters for Monaco are hoping the coach can be reinstated, though arguments might not be heard until next month.

Monaco will remain  on staff as a Health teacher.