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Ryan, community leaders admonish Paladino over "hate" email

State Assemblyman Sean Ryan, joined by several local community and religious leaders, delivered a public rebuke Thursday of businessman and former political candidate Carl Paladino. At issue is an email he distributed, an email Ryan and others say amounts to hate speech.

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The Buffalo and Erie County Naval and Military Park is home to numerous monuments which honor the men and women who served and died in various conflucts throughout the nation's history. Ground was broken at the park Thursday morning for a future memorial which will remember those who died from a different battle: depression and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

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State Assemblyman Sean Ryan, joined by several local community and religious leaders, delivered a public rebuke Thursday of businessman and former political candidate Carl Paladino. At issue is an email he distributed, an email Ryan and others say amounts to hate speech.

The Buffalo Zoo

The Buffalo Zoo is mourning the death of a giraffe who was born at the zoo more than two decades ago and lived there her entire life.

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The emergency declaration by President Trump to reallocate billions of dollars budgeted for other purposes to fund a border wall with Mexico could have an effect on Western New York. The U.S. Department of Defense has issued a document identifying hundreds of military construction projects subject to cancellation to free up resources to help pay for the wall. WBFO's Howard Riedel talked about the matter with Rep.

The State University Charter Institute is on the annual process of listening to new applications for charter schools to open, this group for the fall of 2020. It's a long and complicated process slated to finish in June, when the newest schools get their charters.

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The Buffalo School Board on Wednesday voted to pay members of the district security force $180,000 for overtime they worked but weren't previously paid.

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Buffalo's Zoning Board of Appeals is used to protesting opponents of projects and the zoning variances needed to build so many of them. On Wednesday, a large group of carpenter union members showed up to protest the variances for a signature project on Jefferson Avenue.

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Larkinville is getting another reason to use the expanding indoor and outdoor recreational activities in the growing community, as the city Zoning Board of Appeals gives the go-ahead for three new projects.

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Down Syndrome, also known as Trisomy 21, is a genetic condition where you have three copies of your twenty-first chromosome. That's why today, 3/21, is World Down Syndrome Day. WBFO's Nick Lippa spoke with Matt Lasher, co-founder of 21_Connect-- a non-profit based in Buffalo focused on educating the community about individuals with down syndrome. He shares how his experiences with his son have changed him for the better.

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Approximately 400,000 New Yorkers are currently living with Alzheimer’s, a terminal disease that destroys memory and other mental functions. Despite the high number, many who report they experience memory loss are not talking with their health care provider about it. The Alzheimer’s association wants to change that by launching a public awareness campaign like you’ve seen for cancer or smoking. WBFO’s Nick Lippa spent a day in Albany with their Western New York chapter as they asked politicians to financially support this campaign as part of the upcoming budget.


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African American representation in classical music


What the BPO is doing to increase diversity

African-Americans currently make up less than two percent of larger orchestra members in the United States. That lack of representation is a struggle for many groups, including the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra.

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At a speech in Lima, Ohio, on Wednesday, President Donald Trump went off script into a five minute, ad-libbed attack on the late Senator John McCain, a celebrated Vietnam War vet and a former prisoner of war. Lost amid the unusual verbal attack on a deceased war hero by a sitting president was an inaccurate claim about veterans' issues.

President Trump slammed McCain for failing to pass a bill to expand VA services — a bill which in fact was originally sponsored by Senator McCain.

Irsi Castillo clutches her 3-year-old daughter to her chest to shield her from the wind. They've just crossed the Rio Grande and stepped onto U.S. soil in El Paso, Texas, after traveling from Honduras.

Thousands of migrants like Castillo are crossing the border every day and turning themselves in to the Border Patrol. They're fleeing poverty and violence in Central America.

Jared Kushner's attorney told the House Committee on Oversight and Reform that Kushner uses private messaging applications and personal email to communicate about official White House matters, the committee wrote in a letter to White House Counsel Pat Cipollone on Thursday.

The numbers, World Poetry Day edition

3 hours ago

Every day, the editors at Marketplace put together what we call "the numbers," a daily segment on the show that gives listeners a snapshot of the stock market. This includes the S&P 500, the Dow Jones Industrial and other market indicators. 

Since we think World Poetry Day is just fine, let's do the numbers ... in rhyme.

Levi Strauss, the maker of jeans,
yearned to be back in the market, it seems.
Stone washed, unwashed, ripped to vent,
with its IPO, Levi’s zipped up 31.8 percent.

Midwest flooding has agriculture reeling

3 hours ago

Nebraska officials estimate that flooding has caused $1.3 billion in damage in the state, more than half of it to crops and cattle. The disaster there and in neighboring Iowa follows a difficult year for both states’ farmers, who’ve been reeling from the ongoing trade war and softening global economy. Now Iowa and Nebraska, with the second- and fourth-largest agricultural economies in the nation respectively, are contending with floodwaters that have washed away stored grain, killed herds of cattle and threaten the spring planting season.

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Heritage Moments

freenet.buffalo.edu/bah via Wikipedia Commons

Heritage Moments: Louise Blanchard Bethune, Buffalo’s gift to architecture and women’s rights

Buffalonians often talk about famous architects like H.H. Richardson, Louis Sullivan and Frank Lloyd Wright who came to town, executed a commission or three, then left. They say little about such accomplished home-grown architects as Richard A. Waite, who designed the Ontario provincial parliament building in Toronto; James A. Johnson and E.B. Green, who designed many of Buffalo’s civic landmarks; or John Wade, designer of Buffalo’s greatest building, City Hall.

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