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In the early months of the vaccination campaign, Internet access was essential to the search for a vaccination appointment.

But given that more than 14 million people in the U.S. lack reliable access to high speed Internet, technology has been a barrier for some Americans.

The road to full economic recovery from the pandemic may be steeper than anticipated.

U.S. employers added 266,000 jobs last month, the Labor Department reported Friday. That's far fewer than the nearly 1 million analysts expected given other recent signs of recovery: business reopening, consumer spending increasing, and new unemployment claims falling.

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Former 'Pregnant Girl' Builds Support To Help Other Teen Moms: Nicole Lynn Lewis felt overwhelmed and isolated as a young single mom in college. Now she runs a nonprofit designed to help teen parents get the financial and emotional support they need to thrive.

Food World Ramps Up The War On Meat

May 8, 2021

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The European Union and Pfizer-BioNTech have signed a deal for up to 1.8 billion doses of the COVID-19 vaccine. The bloc's biggest contract to date would cover its entire population, marking a significant ramp up in its fight against the coronavirus.

EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen announced the deal in a tweet, writing it is for a " for guaranteed 900 million doses (+900 million options)."


Pfizer and its vaccine partner BioNTech have started an application to request the Food and Drug Administration's approval for its COVID-19 vaccine.

The U.S. Capitol Police have close to 2,000 uniformed officers, more than the Atlanta Police Department.

The agency's annual budget is around half a billion dollars, which is larger than the budget for the entire Detroit Police Department.

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Dr. Nancy Messonnier, the top respiratory disease official at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention who was among the first to warn the American public about how much the pandemic would change everyday life, is stepping down from the agency.

Last year, Anita Ramaswamy hit her breaking point.

She had just joined a Wall Street investment bank in November, working remotely from her parents' home in Arizona. And Ramaswamy found she barely left her childhood bedroom for weeks at a time.

One Friday in December she worked until midnight. It was her birthday.

Massachusetts lawmakers passed one of the first state-wide restrictions of facial recognition as part of a sweeping police reform law.

The new law sets limits on how police use the technology in criminal investigations. It's one of the first attempts to find middle ground when regulating this technology, but not all privacy advocates agree that regulation is the right step.

Democratic state Sen. Sonia Chang-Díaz was one of the leaders behind this push for criminal justice reform.

When she was a teenager in Philadelphia, Jade Rone's longtime foster mother died. In 2015, she was left, once again, searching for a new family.

A few months later, she was placed in Stacia Parker's home.

Rone and Parker sat down for a StoryCorps conversation in 2019 to remember those early days.

Rone, now 23, said that prior to being taken into Parker's care, she felt like she was on her own.

"Nobody asked me how I was feeling. I just felt like I didn't matter. So, when I was doing bad in school, I kept it to myself," Rone said.

At first, it's not clear who's fighting whom. All you know is that it's Kyoto, 1582 and dudes are getting absolutely sliced up. Then come in the big mechas, and they have huge guns and swords for arms that contribute to the bloodshed. And then there are the sorcerers summoning beams of arrows that would cut their opponents down if not for those other sorcerers conjuring protective shields.

There's a giant Chinese rocket booster hurtling toward the planet, and no one seems to know exactly when or where it's going to land.

The U.S. Space Command said it is tracking the whereabouts of the Chinese Long March 5B, a 23-ton piece of space debris, but that the exact entry point into Earth's atmosphere cannot be pinpointed until hours before its reentry, which is expected sometime around Saturday.

Updated May 7, 2021 at 1:18 PM ET

Hiring unexpectedly slowed last month as businesses struggled to keep pace with booming demand from newly vaccinated customers.

U.S. employers added just 266,000 jobs in April, according to a monthly snapshot from the Labor Department. It was the weakest month of job growth since January.

Editor's note: This story contains graphic descriptions of physical violence.

A federal grand jury on Thursday indicted Puerto Rican boxer Félix Verdejo in the alleged carjacking, kidnapping and killing of his pregnant lover, a case that has rocked the island amid a scourge of violence against women.

Artist Steve Wasterval calls himself “The Greenpoint Artist,” a nod to his beloved Brooklyn, New York, neighborhood.

In fact, he loves it so much that he’s taken to painting tiny landscapes of the area and hiding them for locals to find — a significant gesture from someone whose full-sized paintings sell for up to $3,000.

Wasterval joins host Robin Young to talk about the weekly scavenger hunts, the clues and the joy the paintings bring to finders.


Explorer Christian Clot was used to uncovering unique locations. For the past 20 years, he’s mainly traveled to new places on his own.

But in his latest adventure, he found himself in a cave with a dozen or so other people and no way to tell the time.

“It was a bit difficult for the first time to wake up and you just don’t know what time is it,” Clot says. “And you just have to think, oh, how much time did I [sleep]? Was it enough? So you need to adjust a lot.”

Seven years after choosing to remain in the United Kingdom and five years after opposing moves to leave the European Union, voters in Scotland are going to the polls once again Thursday in a parliamentary election that could set the stage for yet another independence referendum.

The Scottish Nationalist Party, or SNP, is favored to win a fourth term, but its chances of gaining an outright majority in the semi-autonomous parliament are less certain.

A Malian woman has given birth to nine babies in what could become a world record. Halima Cissé had been expecting to have seven newborns: Ultrasound sessions had failed to spot two of her babies.

"The newborns (five girls and four boys) and the mother are all doing well," Mali's health minister, Dr. Fanta Siby, said in an announcement about the births.