100 homes to be repaired on Buffalo's East Side this summer

Apr 5, 2019

Local leaders announced Friday that 100 homes in Buffalo's University District will be repaired over eight days this summer. Eight Days of Hope is the Mississippi-based non-profit religious organization tasked with the repair work.

Eight Days of Hope CEO Steve Tybor III
Credit Thomas O'Neil-White

Eight Days of Hope President and CEO Steve Tybor III is a Buffalo native and a Bennett High School graduate. He said the best way to reach out to the East Side community is to connect with the churches.

“What we want to do is work with the local church. So churches in the local University District can nominate three families for assistance. Because they know the heartbeat of the community. They know what widow, single mom or elderly couple needs help, that they have nowhere to turn,” Tyboy said.

Tybor said each summer his organization will repair houses in different districts. In the past, Eight Days of Hope has helped rebuild communities in parts of the country devastated by natural disasters.

M&T Bank was announced as the lead sponsor for the project. University District Councilman Rasheed Wyatt said more funding and volunteer work will mean more homes getting repaired.

“I’m hopeful that as people and organizations see the work that is going to come out of what he [Tybor]'s doing, that more funders will come on board and support it because it is something that is desperately needed. Grant monies are not enough to help the people in need. There are so many, we’re going to help 100 families but there are probably 100-200 more that need that help,” Wyatt said.

Repair work will begin July 19 and run through July 26. Tybor said the primary focus of repairs will be on roofing, plumbing and painting.