3-alarm Central Park fire damages 4 homes

Mar 31, 2017

Buffalo firefighters responded to a home fully engulfed by flames on Jewett Avenue in the city's Central Park neighborhood early Friday morning that "very quickly" spread to three other homes. Although more than a quarter-million dollars in damage was reported, no one was injured.

Credit Donald Raymond / @bfdAlphaDogs21

Buffalo Fire said the 2.5-story home where the fire originated completely collapsed because of the fire and sustained $180,000 in damage. A second building, to where the fire first spread, partially collapsed and sustained $130,000 in damage. Damage estimates for the other two homes - which were not occupied - were being calculated.

Seven people and two dogs had to be evacuated, according to Buffalo Fire, and they are now being assisted by the American Red Cross.

At one time, a power line came down on one of the 11 engines on scene as rain fell. However, it was handled without incident. Traffic also was blocked off on Jewett near Holden Avenue for the morning as emergency crews worked.