3 shot at Players Bar in Niagara Falls

Jun 9, 2019

Niagara Falls Police are investigating a shooting early Saturday morning at Players Bar on Niagara Street. Two men and a woman were wounded with non-life-threatening injuries.

A police officer assigned to the area said he heard several “loud bursts” coming from Fourth and Niagara streets just before 2 a.m. and thathe encountered about 40 people “running and screaming all around the bar” as he approached the scene.

The woman was shot in the abdomen and was being treated by a nurse in the bar. She was then taken by ambulance to Erie County Medical Center.

The two men were taken to local hospitals for treatment, one with an ankle wound, the other shot in the thigh.

Niagara Falls Police are asking anyone with information to call their confidential tip line: 286-4591.